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Split seat to normal seat fixings any ideas
Does anybody have a natty ideas for fixing a captive nut into the square hole . Trying to fit a normal seat where a split seat is. All the fixings are there but one of the holes has no captive nut in it and access from underneath is hampered by the trunking covers things which cover that area.

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I initially thought about a plate with the correct sized threaded hole over the sqare hole.
But the plate would also then have to be attached somehow
It is on my to do list.
But not right at the top

2012 Hdi75 van
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Only thing I can think of is weld a small plate over the square with a captive nut attached in the middle. Didn’t really want to get into welding if possible. Hoping somebody might come up with a good idea.??
What about a rivet nut. It may do what you need .
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Trouble is the hole is 14mm square and designed for the captive nuts that are in the rest of the holes so to big for one of those. No clever answer me thinks. Will have to investigate the channel running underneath. Not sure what it’s for?
Rivnut would be the bodgy solution, but they're quite soft metal, into a square hole, holding the seat base - it just sounds like a recipe for disaster.
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Is this front seat or rear seat, cannot identify from the picture? 

If front, you might be looking for part 3 at attached picture. It can be accessed by lifting the front carpet. Parts no. is 7214R5.

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It’s the front passenger seat. After looking at the channel underneath don’t think the captive nut is underneath this . The floor in the cab is another skin over the underside of the van. No access to be able to put in a captive nut from underneath. Best I have found are these which are strong and can be fitted into a blind hole.
lift the carpet
the bolts era secured by a plastic support that can be removed and moved to where you need
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Did not take the carpet up. Taking carpet up reveals how to move captive nuts? Assumed they were fitted from the back on vehicle assembly and couldn’t be moved.

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