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[Engine] the engine spins at start but does not start
hello everyone, please advise what else I can do:

engine 1.4 KFX rv 1997, + LPG

I started normally, drove about 2 km, parked after a while, returned to the car and did not start either on gasoline or on LPG (on LPG you can start by holding down the button), the engine turns but does not even hiccup, simply not a single cylinder ignites) ...towed to the garage , I tried to start it in the garage and suddenly it caught.... something is wrong somewhere and that's why I need your help.

- the battery is ok

-starter works normally

-diagnostics without defects (speed, engine temperature, pressure in the intake manifold, LS, throttle potentiometer ..etc) the values with which RJ works are correct

among other things, the speed sensor, temperature has an effect on the start... that's all ok now

according to the diagnosis, the ignition coil saturation is 3.2ms on one half, the other shows 3.5ms (does it affect something?)

I felt all the cables and connectors, sprayed them, spark plugs ok, regular maintenance

sometimes in the past it happened that I started normally and after starting, for example, in second gear after adding gas, the engine seemed to have a total failure, but only when adding gas, I took off the gas and it was still running ok... could this be related?

I'm worried that there might be a faulty wire somewhere (corrosion under the insulation, a break in the wire... there could be a lot of things...

or how does the LPG RJ take the signal from the injectors, so in the RJ LPG there are probably relays that switch it or wires to around? The relays may be faulty, 3 wires lead from the injection, one common and then two to the RJ....

what can I measure as a precaution, or if the problem occurs again, what should I do at that moment (I would create a tool or directly measure the vercajk points) how do I know if it is the fuel or the ignition? Or some total failure of something...?

I'll be happy to add more info if you help me,

once the immobilizer was being finished in the car and there was a relay and it stopped working once so I threw it away .... something similar is probably happening now...? Something that shuts down the whole engine?


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fixed, the speed sensor cable was faulty, sometimes it worked, some didn't...

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