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tomtom/satnav charging wire re-routing
Well following advice and ideas in response to an earlier post of mine (thankyou very much) I've come up with a very simple solution to what to do with the charging wire from the cigar lighter to the satnav . Took me about 15-30mins. Tools required...a bent coat hanger.
The most difficult bit being to remove the plastic facia around the front digital display (the greatest difficulty being to summon up the courage to do it!) but even this turned out quite simple really.

I've attached some photo's that show the result.

Basically I removed the surrounding facia panel of the display and then removed the two torx screws securing the display (this procedure is fully documented with photo's in the useful hints/guides section in this forum). I then used a length of stiff wire(coat hanger) and pushed this up inside the plastic shroud etc up to the opening at the top. I attached the sat nav lead to the bottom of this wire and then pulled through. I refitted the display and then the surrounding facia(there is a neat little gap in the middle for the wire to sit). A little tip here...The facia panel responds very well to a good thump when refitting .

All looks good and has done away with the wire trailing up the front etc.Big GrinBig Grin

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A very big thanks to you for this, really invaluable to the community. Brilliant stuff.
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hehe looking good mate, thats what I did with mine too.
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It might be good, I can't tell yet...

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(18-06-2012, 02:13 PM)Padski Wrote:  It might be good, I can't tell yet...

"Sorry we require 1 posts in order to download an attachment."
I have the Mk3 EGS6 Multispace and everytime the engine stops in eco mode the 12v socket cuts out. Is there a way to get permanent feed for satnav or camera without hardwire to battery?
regards Alan
in short, no, you'd have to bypass the Citroen System straight onto the battery, remember to Fuse it Close to the battery

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Yes, there is a way to live wire a perm feed, I have done this very job and works well.

I took the feed from the thick white wire behind left panel in boot, routed wire under plastic moulding inside door, then behind right panel, up into plastic trim, in to roof liner, (bulky bit where side door roller track is hidden). Followed through to front of car, down behind windscreen trim then through, with a bit of fiddling into bottom of dash top glove box. I fitted a trailing socket plus a on/off switch and inline fuse.
Just thought it through for ages before building up courage to start job, using lengths of easily bendable stiff wire and sticky tape to feed through long lengths. On my XTR the dash top grille does not have a speaker so removing that made life easier.
All cable fully hidden and makes it possible to charge bits when parked out of sight.
Hope this helps.
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