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mk 3 1.6 or 2.0 hdi
Hi, have been a member since last year. have sold my mk2 1.9 hdi berlingo and bought a C8, reason is, going to france with family in august. Problem is, its not me. When i come back to blighty I will get rid of it for a Mk3 multispace. should i get the 1.6 diesel or the 2.0 one. the smaller engines seem to suffer from turbo failure because of oil problems, whats your thought please regarding fuel ecnomy, road tax, performance etc, thanks in anticipation.
If you want a mk3 you have just a choice of 1.6diesel, 2.0hdi diesel Berlingos have not been produced since about 05reg. When you consider the amount of 1.6 diesels used in Citroens & other makes like Ford that use same engine, I think you may find the turbo failure thing is a myth provided correct servicing is carried out. What is essential with these engines is that oil change is carried out by correct method at correct mileage with correct oil used. If you buy secondhand then ensure car has full service history from Citroen garage who one would hope has used correct oil & service procedure.

Mine does about 50mpg local driving & about 45mpg on 70mph motorway trip, road tax is £130pa for 09 but newer ones are less I think, due to lower emission on newer engines.
These 1.6 HDi motors are also fitted in Fords, Mini Cooper D and Volvo S80 according to the Wiki.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Don't forget Mazda too.

Its simple, ensure its serviced well and done right. Think most of the issues are caused by garages not allowing the old oil to drain fully and not warming the engine up first.

The reason I say this, is mine is a 03 2.0 with nearly 200k on the clock and every time i come to service it I take it for a good run, come back home and leave it to drain for a good 20 mins. The oil becomes dirty over the next 12 months, but never to the point wheres it so black its opaque.

My brother on the other hand, has a 57 plate 1.6 owned from new, serviced at a garage, dealer for the first 2 time then local garage after that, its done about 68k. You can almost guarantee that if you dip the oil even after say a weeks driving, the stuff looks like its the old stuff.

You have to ask yourself when allowing a garage to do oil changes are they really either going to do it as soon as you've driven it into them, leave it in the car park till after dinner before they even touch it, and then rely on the drive into the workshop to warm the oil or take it for a good spin to warm it up.
I'd get the 2 litre, the 1.6 is a f**kup of a engine.

Ask any mechanics about it even had Citroen dealers themselves say it. It's a troublesome engine [/align]
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Theres a specific method that must be followed for draining 1.6 oil, the engine has to be idled until cooling fan comes on, oil filter removed & drained first, then oil should be drained from sump plug, not sucked out of top as some garages do. A non franchise garage might not even be aware of this. The original recommended oil was Total quartz 9000 but its probably better to use the newer low saps quartz ineo.

Modern diesels are too complex, but they have to be to achieve high power outputs with low fuel consumption & low emissions. If one has to be taken apart then its a nightmare but manufacturers give very specific servicing instructions & I guess if these are not carried out to the letter then one can expect trouble, I suppose.
The service km is too long for such a small amount of oil.

Mileage has doubled and oil amount has halved. On engines that are under more and more pressure.

Afaik there is no modern small diesel that is troublefree.
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I wish to thank you all for your input. So i get a fully serviced citreon main dealer car, what about the "moon roof" that i had on my 1.9 hdi, does this still exist on the new ones , and all the storage in the roof. ??
Yes the Modutop roof is available on the mk3 but you don't see many about. You didn't have 1.9hdi btw. No 1.9 turbo was made, it would have been either a 2.0hdi or a 1.9d. If it was a 1.9d you will find that the 1.6hdi is much quicker with better fuel consumption.
(24-06-2012, 08:46 PM)bechstein Wrote:  I wish to thank you all for your input. So i get a fully serviced citreon main dealer car, what about the "moon roof" that i had on my 1.9 hdi, does this still exist on the new ones , and all the storage in the roof. ??

Sadly the modutop on the Mk3 does not hold as much as the Mk2 version, for some reason they have removed the two cross cupboards. Sad

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.

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