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Today's the day
Today's the day....well it's nothing earth shattering but I am about to pick up my first Berlingo from the West Country. However, I am faced with a journey of mammoth proportions; catching a train from Cardiff to Taunton. For someone who hasn't been on a train for sometime this could be a little daunting. (Cardiff is in Wales which is near Bristol for those of you who don't know.....)
Will I return without incident, can I rustle up the 6 quid to get back over that infernal bridge, will I end up sitting next to the irritating loony on the train, but more importantly, will I like this vehicle after so many years of owning many quirky Citroens with oleopneumatic suspension? This little fellow doesn't even have green blood (LHM).

"I am just going outside and may be some time...."
It's a van Jim but not as we know it.
Depart Cardiff 10:00hrs, arrive Taunton 12:57hrs, allegedly.
Wish me luck all you Berlingo Dingoes! (this is not compulsory) Confusedalut:
03 2.0HDI Forte. I need more cash....

You'll be fine. Just remember to speak English once you get over the bridge..............
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Hi Citroaddict, hope you escaped the M4/M5 at Almondsbury, it can be a real jam up there with the two year roadworks that started Feb '12, due to finish March '14, and hope you rembmered your phrase book for Taunton lol. Hope all went well for you.:thumbsup:
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
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Hi there & thanks Coco & theraphosa, like the humourous comments regarding language/culture, & if you thought Taunton dialect was a bit different, I used to have conversations with old Norfolk folk in the 17 yrs I was there and walk away thinking what the hell was that all about...
Must have missed the M4/M5 clag up, afternoon traffic not bad.
Train from Cardiff to Tau bang on time but bleedin' noisy train, came out ears ringing. Pleasant & helpful staff right through.
The journey back? Well I have to say I am bordering on impressed, and as one who has subscribed to Citroens with the glorious oleopneumatic suspension for so many years, this Berli did very well on the motorway. Relaxed fatigue free driving in some nasty rain for the 1st ten miles or so. That's all I'm gonna say at the moment; this is a bit of a departure for me in vehicle style but I am getting into a mind set that says......
Will finish this at a later date, need to toast the new arrival with a bottle of something red & invigourating. Will try to upload a first photo, stuff it what lousy weather. Bon chance, mange tout etc...
03 2.0HDI Forte. I need more cash....

We're all ears! ( Metaphorically speaking...) Can't wait for your erudite findings!
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
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OK OJ once I find out what erudite means I'll let u all know....oh hang on, isn't it a type of adhesive & you have to mix 2 different tubes of sticky stuff together in order to form a lasting bond between similar or different materials?
It's way past my bedtime you know.....
03 2.0HDI Forte. I need more cash....

"Today's the day" is now yesterday, and I have woken up to find that my 1st Blingo is not what it used to be, don't know if fellow members will be able to see from the small picture attached.....any advice? Confusedcratch:

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03 2.0HDI Forte. I need more cash....

Alka-seltser followed by a strong cup of coffee?
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(27-06-2012, 07:37 AM)CandR Wrote:  Alka-seltser followed by a strong cup of coffee?
Could be a good start or perhaps I need to see an optician?
Cheers 2 u in the Netherlands!
03 2.0HDI Forte. I need more cash....

Thanks, mate, and congrats on the new Bling!
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