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Me again with question
Ive had my van for nearly a year now, going great, but recently its a tiny bit reluctant to start first time, as you turn the key it almost sounds like the battery is about to die, so i turn it off again and try again then it works, second or third try, no biggy really, it always does start, a bit smocky at times on first start too, any ideas why?
I have had bad luck with vehicles and this is the newest best one ive had and am determind to look after it.
I think its nearly due a service as a spanner has appeared, although when i turn ignition on it says i have 450 miles to go.
PS i dont have a user manual so i am assuming that is what it means.
thanks bec
hi the spanner does mean it requires a service and the miles is a countdown to when it due like you said, regarding your starting problem what engine do you have and when was it last serviced.
Ok thanks service when its mot is due in july.
Its a 2litre hdi desiel, i assumed it was serviced when i brought it last july 2011.
when you say its smoky on start up what colour is the smoke and the intensity of it,

for example is it a puff of grey/black smoke that lasts a second or two or is thick white or blue smoke that bellows out.
...can't help with the starting problem Bec but if you're determined to keep it flying look out for an owners handbook - I think there may be one online on this very forum. I can never remember all the specs and quantities (gettin' old!) and rely on mine.
As you're so close to a service it'd be worth getting that done asap - could fix the problem?
Good luck....
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
Yes your right i will service it as soon as, (then i wont have the double whammy with the MOT).
The smoke last seconds and is a grey colour not belowing out just enough for me to notice occasionally.
I will look out for am owners manual, is a haynes manual the same thing?
Thanks Bec
i would take the smoke as being normal diesel characteristics especially on startup if it has taken a number of attempts to start, also it may be worthwhile having the battery checked to make sure it is in tip top condition and providing the power needed. once you have had it serviced it will probably be ok also may be worthwhile changing glow plugs if they not been done for a while.
oil and filter change, plus the fuel filter which can be a bit tight on 2.0 hdi, vacum the air filter if not to bad, then change the glow plugs, a brake check, light check, oil all the hinges, check and pump up tyres.
The glow plugs should solve you starting problem and the rest sets you up for another six months to a year of motoring.
The owners handbook is a good place to start as it tells you so much day to day stuff that will help avoid breakdowns and enable you to check and top up oil, water, change bulbs and LOADS of other stuff. You really need this if you want to keep your motor running sweetly.
The Haynes manuals are much more technical and go into more major repairs but also covers things like changing brake pads and other routine stuff. Both good bedtime reading!
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
Have a look here:-

Also, at this time of year, your glowplugs will make no difference. On the HDi they only come into play at -0C

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