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Gearbox repair or replacement needed - how much?
My 2005 2.0HDI Berlingo has had a droning noise coming from (I thought) the front driver's side wheel. I mentioned it at services etc and was told the bearing was fine but a little noisy.

About three weeks ago a second squealing noise on changing gear developed which turned out to be the clutch needing replacing. After the clutch had been replaced the garage reported another noise and recommended a gearbox strip.

Having driven the car since it is much quieter in general (the clutch had obviosuly been noisy for a while before it began it's death cries) but as a result the rumbling/droning noise once you get to 20-30 mph is much more distinct.

I think it still sounds like the sound I heard before (which I had been told was wheel bearing) and after a second road test the garge has now suggested replacing the bearing first as a cheaper option to the gearbox strip.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as a way to proceed?

If it is the gearbox can it be repaired or is it a straight replacement? And the killer question... how much is a gearbox? (It's ok I'm sitting down).

My Berlingo has done 103000 and is in pretty good condition all things considered but I have to be realistic and think that paying £000s for a gearbox may be better spent towards a new car. Tough one though as I've had my car since new and have had it regularly serviced etc so know it's in good condition.

Thanks for any help and advice offered
Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDi Desire 2005
Personally, I'd go to another garage. The one that you have used so far wouldn't inspire confidence inme. I would expect them to tell me what is wrong, what needs doing and how much it would all cost. I wouldn't expect suggestions to try this or that.
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Hi, If in doubt get a second opinion but I'd go for the wheel bearing.
It's amazing what noise comes from a failing one.
If your garage is a reputable one take there advice. At least they've been honest by giving you the cheaper option.
Don't take it to one of the local exhaust / tyre centers as these will just sting you. Confusedalut:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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I agree with coco & rustscrat,but suggest when you have the wheel bearing changed,have the gearbox oil changed(if not already done) as well.It's amazing how much condensation can build up & contaminate the oil.I change mine every 2 years.
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Sorry for the delay in updating - wheel bearing cured the probelm which was a huge financial relief! Have a new problem now though so will post a new thread...
Citroen Berlingo 2.0 HDi Desire 2005

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