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Woodshapers old and new Berlingos

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  • Andre
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  • andy-womble
Nice photos matey, hope to put some of mine up soon when I get around to taking them...
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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  • woodshaper
Great pics. You live in a beautiful area. I love the countryside.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Hi 3rensho

Piccys one three and four are a dog training place that is part of a working sheep farm in Derbyshire, two is an 11th Century Monastery in Oxfordshire, the low roofed building was the holiday let we stayed in.
The new Berlingo piccy in the snow is about 10 minutes away from where I live, just inside the Peak Park, Stanedge Edge is in the background, when its nice its very nice, when the weather turns bad...................................................................

Piccy one is where I live (urban squaller) two morning dog walking on a good day, three near Howden Dam Derbyshire, 4? and number five is my little girl!
Hello woodshaper, you can see my current Berlingo xtr in my avatar & here is my old one...Big Grin
[Image: p7240010.jpg]
hi opensauce , do you still have the Eriba? and pull it around/
Hi Opensauce
Like the mini van (Eriba) a two berth?
I sometimes wish I still had my old one!

I've got rid of the 2 berth Eriba Pan now, it was an '88, I had it for 4yrs & sold it for more than I paid for it. Eribas are like VW campers, lovely to look at but all you do is bash your head! Also because it was in pristine condition, I had to keep it that way & I just wanted a caravan that was practical to use, to take down to France in't summer. Summat that I could throw tables/chairs/folding bikes into without worrying about scratching the inside.

I now have an 80s Monza, 12ft body that I got off ebay for £400. I've been able to cut the inside about, screw in hooks, stuff like that, without worrying about keeping it all perfect. I do miss the Eriba tho, I will probably get another eventually.

I do think an Eriba & Berlingo makes a nice outfit. Odd the way we have both had same colour Berlingos twice. Smile
Couple more pics...
[Image: p5040010.jpg]
[Image: p5020010.jpg]
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  • Andre

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