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[Engine] Need Throttle Body and Coil Pack?
Changed coil pack, throttle body, idle control valve and air filter and run redex through the tank. It was running lovely for a few days and then we took it about 400 miles in one day and it didnt like it Sad
Sounds jumpy again (not as bad I dont think, and no misfires that I can hear) and the smell of petrol is very strong from exhaust area when idling after starting up Sad
Did get 32mpg on the long run(better than the 22mpg I did get!), havn't had to fill it since to see what I am getting now.
Have some throttle body cleaner to potentially spray in.

Its also had 4 new tyres after one split sidewall and one leaky valve! The mechanic who did the tyres didnt seem to think it sounded too bad, that it was "french" and they all sounded like they were hunting lol, but he did say it was obviously running rich!


p.s. If anyone needs parts, I would highly recommend Edwards and Sons, they were brilliant. Had the parts there and then, offered advice over the phone and sent them out quickly. Only bug bear is that they were filthy still, nothing a clean with brake cleaner couldnt sort but annoying. They specialise in Citroen Smile
Has this problem been sorted yet? I have a 1.4 Multispace petrol that's running very rich. Have new air filter to fit and will check items mentioned in this post. Would brake cleaner be ok on throttle body?
Where is the idle control valve on this model please & is there anything else to check?
New plugs, fuel filter & crank sensor 19k ago.
New cat & top lambada sensor 16k ago
New coil pack 26k ago
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Brake cleaner will be OK on the throttle body, as will carb cleaning spray.

If it's a motorised throttle there is no idle control other than the throttle flap motor. You may have an EGR though, and possibly an air pump.
Hi Addo,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Been to have a look & the throttle "butterfly" is controlled by a cable. I asume the EGR is the system that goes through the charcoal filter?
Another thing I've noticed is one of the rubber boots that fit on top of the spark plug, under the coil pack, is starting to disintigrate. Would this have any effect on the running of the engine? (It's hot and dry here for once so no problem with condensation which I asume is what it's for)
Haven't had time to change filter yet as car is in use.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
Has it been sorted...well yes and no.

I no longer have a car that runs terrible - but that would be because it got wrote off.
Not long after all that was replaced, a woman ran into the side of the van, catching all 4 panels and the alloy and bumper! It was £1100 worth of damage on an £800 car.

They didn't want to do insurance so paid me the write off price. I then went and found myself a 1.9 Diesel Peugeot Partner Quicksilver which is faultless so far.

I do still have the Berlingo, its sat in our field waiting for me to decide what to do with it - so if anyone wants parts let me know lol
Does it have door speakers as well as dash?

There's a set of adapters for the dash mounts, used when they went to dash tweeters/door speakers instead of dash only - mid 2000 onwards. I'm just after the adaptors - new, they're about £7 each.

Interesting lookback at the thread as it started, it is well possible for these motors to be mis-timed as the crank timing point indexes off the outer section of the crank pulley - this frequently slips as the pulley ages. Twice I've seen people swear black and blue this isn't their problem - yet it turns out to be.
Hi fellow berlingoers. 
Kinda coming to the realisation that a 1.8 petrol berlingo may have been a mistake... Only because they are rarer than hens teeth, certainly for getting general advice and info, as nobody seems to have one and they have completely different engine layouts to all others. 

Anyway on with the tale... 

I am having what I believe to be the same issue, (sounds like a diesel,, poor mpg, hunting and seeking erratic startup issues) and a couple of others,, but I suspect they are not connected so may only briefly mention them at the end in case it's relevant..... 

Also a 1.8 petrol, x reg tho.

I have passed on the info about crank pulley to a mate who is significantly more mechanical than I, so hopefully he'll know how to check this for me,, otherwise I'm certain it's the air flow sensor fixed within the throttle body. 

So far I have checked on obd and no errors being shown. 
Replaced coolant sensor. 
Checked air filter and pipe,, no obstructions
So in desperation I have disconnected the air flow sensor on the throttle body and the car is certainly no worse off because of this, and seems less inclined to run away on the revs once getting above 1800ish rpm, which it would before...

So am on the hunt for a replacement throttle body at the mo,,  have emailed Edward & sons but if anyone here has one available pls let me know.. 

OK, other random issues... 
Lighter socket has no power, replaced what I believe to be the correct fuse.. (finding even the fuse box diagram for this vehicle is sketchy,, such an uncommon model.) 
But most bizarrely, upon ignition the dashboard clock always resets to 1.00 and occasionally the airbag light seems to stop on for longer than usual.

Does this meen anything to anyone?
As mentioned before obd brings up no issues so I'm kinda stumped

Thanks in advance guys. 


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