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[Engine] Need Throttle Body and Coil Pack?
Hi, I am new here and already looking for help.
My name is Heidi, I have a W Reg Berlingo multispace forte, 1.8 petrol (with a dodgy lpg conversion, get to that later)

It has been running very rich since I got it back in May, it has had a new lamda sensor and the throttle body "cleaned" at a garage and they also put new sparks in. The sparks have been in 2 weeks and they are jet black on the ends!
It ran lovely for a week or so, and then it turned nasty again. A friends who does mechanics, has had a look and believes that it could be the coil pack and/or the throttle body (unplugging 2 of the sensors individually made it run better).
I have no problem with allowing him to try these and see if it works, I just need it to stop gobbling up my petrol, but my problem is, no-one seems to have either part at a reasonable price? I rang 14 breakers yards today and not one had a 1.8 petrol!

Does anyone know if there is another car/van that they are interchangeable from or where I am likely to get an actual berlingo one?


just had a coilpack replaced on my doesnt sound the same fault.the car was only running on 2 cylinders and would hardly move.each coilpack runs 2 cylinders.i cant see how a faulty coilpack would make it run rich...200 pound fitted at merc dealer.sounds more like a fuelling problem to me.

has the air filter been checked !
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You should notice if the coilpack is playing up. Poor starting/missfire etc. Plugs sooting up is usually too rich a mixture. I would agree with lorraine -check the air filter and ensure the inlet pipe to the air filter housing is clear of obstructions.
Ex 1.4 Berlingo Multispace
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Sorry forgot to mention the other problems didnt I?! I started with the running rich as thats why they changed the lamda?

It is starting poorly, its hit or miss whether it plays up or not, and if you have to manuvere just after starting it sometimes cuts out/stalls again. It is most definately misfiring aswell, I have a video of it (so you can hear sound) will try and post it up.

The thinking is, that if it is doing this and running rich that maybe it will solve something for both? It sounds absolutely awful while it is idling, it apparently still misfires when I am driving it (I dont know what to feel/hear for)

The air filter has been blasted out, will look at getting a new one in if you think it will help, I will mention the inlet pipe to the air filter housing. Is that the quite large solid pipe (its at the front) with a moving piece/flap inside it? Sam (my mechanic friend) will know what it is, but its just for my curiousity really :p If it is that bit, an old school mechanic who was trying to help poured redex into that, which Sam went mental about, saying it could have messed something up?

I did 31 miles on 1/4 of a tank, something has to be done soon Sad

If we were going to change those, does anyone know if there are any other cars that will fit? I am thinking(with no mechanical brain!) that another citroen or a peugeot parners would be the best chance?

You can get special 'stuff' in a spray can for cleaning throttle bodies.
Did my son's '98 Mitsubishi Colt few months ago, ran 100% better after.
Wasn't running rich, just uneven and hesitating. Seemed to cure it.
Think your problem is bit more in depth than that, but may help.Confusedcratch:
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I would love it to be a simple fix like that j90xx Smile I have this feeling(as I have this sort of luck with any car) that it will need alot more than that Sad

This is how it sounds, taken last Sunday.
[Image: th_MOV_0218.jpg]
You are right, but perhaps a good place to start?
There are cheaper brands available, but Forte is a very good one.
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Ok, may well give that a shot. I am passing all this advice on to my friend Smile

(13-07-2012, 07:52 PM)hazyreality Wrote:  Ok, may well give that a shot. I am passing all this advice on to my friend Smile


Sounds like an old diesel, sure its a petrol ?:whistle::whistle::whistle:

seriously, its as if its stuck on full choke or in limp mode.
(Limp mode can be caused by faulty Lambada sensor/air temp. sensor/coolant temp sensor. egr valve stuck)

There is a air temperature sensor on the throttle body and coolant temp. sensor on the engine block , they determine the fuel/air mixture , are they OK?, ie well connected and not hanging off. The flap in the air intake (egr valve?)should be held open when running to check if it improves , I think it is worked by a vacum pipe . Is the pipe ok and not drawing air elsewhere.

There was a very few early 1.8 petrol engined models, thats why you have problems with s/hand spares. Confusedtudy:
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Have tracked down a throttle body and coil pack, £120 max for them both.
Hope they are worth it Confused
Have sent the info above to friend so he can have a look at those aswell Smile
Will let you know what works and when.

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