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2001 1.9 Diesel Wipers not stopping
I have a 2001/Y 1.9 Diesel with front wipers that sometimes get into a state when they wont switch off, even with the ignition off. Sometimes a bit of wiggling with the wiper stalk does stop them but they have got so bad that I had to disconnect the battery to stop them. They appear to be stuck on the 'slow' setting. Even disconnecting the switch does not stop them.

After reading around the internet a bit there seemed a possibility that it was due to issues with the park contact in the wiper motor so I got a 2nd hand replacement motor and this seemed to fix things for a while but they have started doing the same thing again, though I am still able to stop them with a bit of stalk wiggling.

The garage have advised that if a new motor didn't fix it then it is probably the BSI. In this model this is below fuse box under steering wheel. They are also saying that it is no good getting a second hand one as this unit includes the coding for the key/imoboliser and they cannot be recoded.

I have read about a BSI reset procedure but the one that everyone links to on the BBA Reman site includes holding down the lock button on the key for 10 seconds and I have no central locking so I guess this for a different model.

- Does anyone agree/disagree with the diagnosis that it is the BSI?
- Is there a way of replacing the BSI using a second hand unit and getting it recoded, without buying a new (£260) one?
- Has anyone used BBA Reman to get a unit like this repaired?

Thanks for any help,

temp stop.....pull out the fuse !!
It seems strange that when the motor was replaced it worked for a while without a BSI reset ?

A dodgy replacement motor?

I think there was a question asked about doing a reset without central locking on the forum , I think! the answer was ignore that section :eek:

The man you need is Rustocrat , :thumbsup: he has a lot of posts about anything electrical, BSI repairs and wiring looms/circuits and knows what hes talking about.

(I like John Smiths)
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BBA Reman are just up the road from me. I have never heard any complaints about their service. Their products are guaranteed for two years, I think.They do an exchange service and I think their replacements are 'virginised' so they don't need coding like a 2nd hand one would. The BSI module is one part that I would not even consider getting second hand by the way.
If you get a temporary result by 'wiggling' the stalk, the problem could also be a damaged COMM2000 unit. The switches on the earlier models are known to be poor.
I believe that the above poster is correct about the slightly modified BSI reset procedure where if you don't have central locking that step is ignored.
Rustscrat is our resident guru and you may want to hang about until he's had time to take a look at your post.
Welcome to our forum I think everyone here has learned a lot from the pool of knowledge we have!:thumbsup:
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Thanks Lads I'm flattered. Confusedunny:

Hi mandan, if you PM me your Vin No. I'll dig out the correct drawings but to be going on with -
(If I'm looking at the correct drawings, turning the ignition off won't affect the wiper motor as the feed doesn't go through the switch.)
When the wipers are still moving,
Tap the Bsi sharply with something like the handle of a screwdriver but not excessively.
If the relay has stuck this might be enough to release it and so go to park.
Do you have access to a multimeter of some kind and are you able to use it?
Also does your Bsi look like this-

[Image: ar2wi.png]

If so, pulling fuse B will stop the wipers dead.
There is a park switch which sends a signal back to the Bsi to drop the relays out but if the relay is stuck it'll keep going.
Check your connections are clean at the wiper motor.
Let us know what you find.:thumbsup:
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Thanks for your response Rustscrat. My BSI looks very much like the one in your diagram. The numbers on it are:

Ref valeo:730 040 12
Ref dav:A11974
Ref sylea:142 786
Ref PSA:96 424 097 80

I couldn't tell from your diagram which was fuse B.

I do have a multimeter and can use it.

If I have to remove the BSI then how do I remove the various plugs? Do they all have retaining clips and how do you free them?

I have not manage to get it to misbehave so I can try giving it a sharp tap. I'll report back if I get any success with this next time they wont stop.


Ok, have got the correct drawings,
The plugs 16VE (Green) & 16NR (Black) release by pulling the colored clip back which should lift them up at the same time.
Plug 2GR (Grey) I think has a clip on top which releases it. This plug will need to be pulled up at the same time.
Plugs 26BE (Blue),26JN (yellow), 12BE (Blue) & 12MR (Brown) should have a lever on top which when pulled up, levers the plug up.
Fuse B is the middle fuse in the R/H bank of three.
Looking at the drawings if the relay sticks it will still run if the key is taken out.
If all is correct the wipers should stop in any position if the ignition is turned off as this powers the BSI which in turn controls the relay.
So according to your findings, to me I wouldn't be looking at the stalk switches or the park switch.
Let us know what you find. :thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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I rattled the BSI about a bit, working out if it matched the drawing and seeing how the connectors came off and since then the problem has never recurred.

Thanks to you for all your help.

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(13-07-2012, 09:23 PM)Rustscrat Wrote:  Thanks Lads I'm flattered. Confusedunny:

Credit where credit is due my friend Confusedalut:
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
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