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Steering wheel centering ??
Ok guys hit a small problem just got the tracking done at my local tyre shop and now my steering wheel is of center :0/ took it back and the fitter said he couldnt understand why as his state of the art machine was saying tracking was spot on any ideas wheel was centered before they touched it do you need do a 4 wheel alignment on a berlingo ? And can u adjust the rear wheels? Any input much apprecitated ;o)
yes you can its more expensive than front wheels - they use laser or something simmilar to do that
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(14-07-2012, 08:48 PM)woski Wrote:  yes you can its more expensive than front wheels - they use laser or something simmilar to do that

If the rear wheels where out would that affect the centreing of the steering wheel? They did put gauges on the rear wheels while doing the tracking so much for state of the art machines lol steering wheel sat perfectly straight before hand was advised by them to do the tracking while getting 2 front discs done and 2 new tyres on it ...
Surely they have done something to it then if it was ok before, I just had new tyres and the garage checked the tracking on mine only because I asked them but no adjustment was needed so no charge. Also the fitter put a clamp on the steering wheel to keep it centre
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Mine is the same - had the tracking done and now the steering wheel isn´t straight. I don´t know if anything can be done about it, but it does annoy me a bit!
How much is the fish?
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They are supposed to centre the wheel first and then clamp it in place before loosening the track rod nut.

If they haven't, it is likely the wheel has moved, then when they have tightened the nuts on the tracking, the wheel has gone off centre.

Basically, they need to do it again and centre the wheel and make sure it stays there before finishing the job.

They must know that's the issue, but can't be bothered re-doing it!!

That said, the clamping of the wheel is not 100% accurate and it's common for the wheel to then be out a fraction. It's more annoying than anything else.

Take it back and tell them to re-centre the wheel.
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Cars going back in today to get it done again so hopefully will get it sorted out but we all know what these places can be like with the oh it could be "this or that " cheers for the input guys will keep the forum posted on the outcome ;0)
Mine was the same, took it in after replacing the track rod ends. Guy centred and clamped the steering wheel, set up his gauges , plates and lasers. Went under the van and about 2 minutes later came out and said it was fine, only needed a very slight tweak on adjusters. Paid £19 and drove off only to then find the steering wheel to be off centre. Dammed annoying but didnt bother to go back to complain as when I need to replace my tyres the guy gives a good discount to anyone from my workplace as we are next door to him. Have lived with it without any problems.
As far as I am led to believe, most vehicles have set values for the various tracking measurements but I have never seen anyone actually trying to find out what they are when checking and setting the tracking. They all seem to set up the lasers etc and line every thing to the same settings regardless of the vehicle.
Probably a version of ''job creation'' in that that customer will be back sooner rather than later to replace worn tyres due to the tracking being incorrectly set.
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Well after 3 trips back finally sorted motto of the day never trust the word of a kwik fit fitter ;0) cheers for the input chaps ...
Kwik fit!!

Well that explains it!!

Seriously, avoid them like the plague!
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