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Induction Kit
Why spend £140 on a K & N induction kit when you can make your own?
This is a 'Work In Progress', tested, but not finished.Confusedtudy:

Removed air box and all pipework.
Fabricated an adaptor plate and steel tube.
(The MAS is oval; needed it round.)
Attatched a cheap high-flow conical air filter.
Made a bracket to support off engine block.
(Copied K & N's idea. Shh....)

Eventually it will have a proper filter (this was £7.99 off fleabay) and a new air intake pipe.

Think it looks better, may be 2 or 3 more bhp, and the engine will breath more easily. Anymore (exaggerated) claims can be found on K & N's website.Confusedcratch:

Apologies for the dirty engine, etc., not cleaned for a while.Confusedillyme:

[Image: 1xz78n.jpg]

[Image: 8x4h3d.jpg]

[Image: r0o0w9.jpg]
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  • ron, taxi
Looks a tidy install, I would be tempted to move the filter down in behind the front n/s headlight to keep it in cool 'fresh' air.

Have you noticed any performance gain or just a new selection of hoover type noises (thats all I really remember when i put a 'performance' filter on my discovery!)

Nice one Martin. you'd get a job as a product development engineer at Dyson with those skills....:whistle::whistle::whistle:
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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  • j90xxx, ron
Looks good. As Chris says, a cold air feed would be a good idea
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  • j90xxx
A new (cold) intake pipe will be fitted from the original mounting point behind the headlight.
A power increase? Probably not.Confusedillyme:
Sportier induction note? A little.:whistle:
(You can hear it 'sucking', but nothing like a petrol induction does.)
Does it look good? I think so!:thumbsup:

The original reason for fitting was that the whole air filter system was lose. It all slots into rubber 'grommets' which were either perished or missing, the inlet pipes are push fit and not a good fit. On tick-over the whole thing rattled about and drove me nuts!:brickwall:
Anyone with an HDi must have the same problem; can't just be mine?
And the other reason is the amount of inlet pipe and size of the air filter and box. The new filter fits straight onto the air flow meter, which must be an improvement...?
Yes, same set up, same problems.

I put a Pipercross panel filter in my existing set up. Was a short term solution which has become longer term than I intended, but that's another story.....

I think you will gain a little power, whether enough to notice or not - I didn't. I did notice that it altered the characteristics very slightly though, see how you get on. In any event, if you are happy with it, then it's worth doing !
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  • j90xxx
The installation instructions from K & N show the little support bracket (Fig.22) I had to make. This fits on the cam cover using the existing bolt.
Have used part of the original cold air intake pipe from behind headlight.
Will do the job until more permanent solution is fabricated.
Like most things in life, it is all 'Work In Progress'.:thumbsup:
Would post a picture, but can't be bothered!
Unless someone desparately wants one....
(20-07-2012, 11:03 PM)andy-womble Wrote:  Nice one Martin. you'd get a job as a product development engineer at Dyson with those skills....:whistle::whistle::whistle:

Fine if you live in Malasyia. And work for a bowl of rice a day.
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  • andy-womble
You might find a cone filter in the engine bay actually reduces power as it sucks in hot air, good call with getting some cold air ducting to it or positioning it where it can draw cooler air though. Drilling the stock airbox might be a cheap alternative, and should release a sportier induction sound.
You need to be careful too when altering the inlet tract, especially if you make changes to it after the air sensor and to the inlet manifold, most manufacturers come to arrive at the inlet system design through lengthy R&D, changing it can sometimes alter the torque curve of the engine, or screw things up badly.

Looks good though, and if it can draw cold air then you should see some (howver small) improvement.

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