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de cat pipe
anyone got one of these fitted and passed the MOT with it?

theyre a lot cheaper!!
03 1.9DLX van
Have read somewhere that the Vehicle Inspectorate (VOSA) are retrospectively on to all the little tricks and dodges such as catalytic convertor bypass/removal, blanking off of EGR valves and fitting of "black box" tune-up modules.

It seems that the On Board Diagnostic equipment and the plug-in connection will be used more and more in roadside checks and at MOT Testing Stations and that they will know exactly what modifications have been carried out.

Presumably, in the future a vehicle that has been tampered with or had any of its emmissions system altered or removed will be an automatic fail and it may even become a prosecutable offence.

But for now lads, it's on with the show!!!
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
dont know about berlingos but in england it was a regular mod to take out the cat and blank the egr?

but the cat on transits was only a particle filter.

does blanking the egr improve the berlingo? ireland is abit stupid to these things so it`d never be noticed
I'm still learning my way around the newer electronically controlled diesels, mate.

Bit of a culture shock to me, also subscribe to Turbo Diesel Owners Forum and the lads and lassies on there swear by blanking off egr. I've also read elswhere that blanking off and preventing the passage of spent exhaust gasses back into the engine will cause the turbo to overheat and lead to premature (and expensive)failure of that component.

My motor was bought with a 12mth used-vehicle warranty so I can't touch anything until that has run out and when I take a look at the engine (2.0HDI) a lot of the stuff is not easy to get at anyway. For now I am happy the way it is as long as it is running correctly.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
i dont think it would cause the turbo to overheat theres far more exhaust gases going through it anyway. from what i gather its a tiny ammount recirulates.

ill have a good look into it,

i had it blanked in my 04 transit for about 2 years with no bad results

as iv sed its std practice in transits because they go faulty, and even if they dont go faulty they seriously block up the inlet manafold

research says it leads to better power and mpg in diesels.

took off the pipe to the back left of the engine bay. where the egr feeds the inlet and was suprised the amount of crud in the inlet and the egr feed pipe.

apparently the problem with blanking them is it can lead to the occasional limp mode. ill have to figure it out Confused
Hi, just joined this forum.

Been experiencing problems with my 04 1.9d DW8 van for ages. Narrowed it down to the EGR valve by disconnecting the wiring, although this can only be done as a diagnostic test as the engine management light comes on around 3000rpm.

The problem presents itself as a hessitation / turbo kick at around 2800 to 3000 rpm in any gear.
There are no other symptoms.

Happen to be at my mates garage yesterday doing some work and his mechanic says that they used to regularly blank the egr valve on earlier transits but it can now be acheived by re programming the ecu to ignore it.
Apparently they frequently reprogramme the ecu to ignore problems on new models until they come up with a fix ??

Anyway, he pulled off one of the small pipes going to the egr valve for me and stuck a bolt in the pipe to blank it off and try that.
Didnt work but he did say to just try it on the other pipe if that happened have swapped it over this morning and will see what happens later today.

Took top half of the inlet manifold and the egr valve off last weekend and it was full of congealed oil. I have cleaned it out. Mechanic guy said he wasnt surprised as basically the egr valve is there as a sop to the emission regs and practically has so many negative effects like the choking up of inlets he can't understand why it hasn't been superceded by something better.
Wonders of fleabay.

No need to thank me.:thumbsup:
1.9 de cat pipe.

Ok. You can thank me if you want...
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(01-06-2011, 09:37 AM)j90xxx Wrote:  Wonders of fleabay.
1.9 de cat pipe.

What about de dog pipe, Martin:?::?::?::lol::lol:Confusedillyme:Confusedillyme:Confusedillyme:Confusedillyme:

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Does anyone have a de mouse pipe ????
Think daijohn might need one.....

(01-06-2011, 11:41 AM)daijohn Wrote:  Hi all Just an update on the above problem. To be able to use the van we installed a switch on the dash and a relay so as to be able to interupt the rogue feed to the fuel solenoid. This last weekend we finally went at the problem in earnest. When the fuse box etc was removed we found that the cabling by the bulkhead had been gnawed by a mouse. There were bared wires showing but only 2 strands shorting out giving the intermittant feed. The cables were made safe and now all is well. The switch and relay now act as an imobiliser and everyone is happy. Hope this info might help someone.

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Just to report that the quick fix to my egr problem is working so far with no apparent drawbacks although I wont be able to say for certain until I fill it up with fuel and run a tank full through to see if I am stil getting 450 ish to the tank.

j90xxx, thanks for the pointer but that wouldn't work on the dw8 version I have where the egr valve assembly screws into the top half of the inlet manifold.
The 6mm bolt screwed into the pipe works well enough so far.


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