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Not starting :(
[/size]Hey Berli owners I'm 17 and recently got my driver's permit but my mum has had problems with her berlingo. It wouldn't start after a short trip originally. Brought it into a garage and they "fixed" the fuseboard. Broke down three weeks later and brought it to a different garage. The mechanic changed the fuel pump. From then the fuel pump started to make a loudish noise in the car. Brought it back to the garage and he said it was just a noisy pump. About three weeks later , yes you guessed broke down...again. Brought it to another garage. When we got there white smoke from exhaust along with an overheating problem on the way over. They said the head gasket might be gone. Got that fixed. 4th cylinder was also cracked and was leaking coolant into the engine.(White Smoke). Brought it home all seemed well then...short trip about 4km. It wouldn't start. Usually get an electrical humm from ignition for about 5 secs then stops. There was no noise at all. My mum rang the garage to say it broke down again. Then she heard the electrical noise without the keys in the ignition! tried it again and it started. Got it home and left it running until the fan kicked in then turned it off for about 5 mins. Tried it again started it fine but then the revs went really low and the car cut out. No warning lights. Left it for the day came back the next and tried to jump it thinking it may be the battery. No luck. Its turning over but not starting. Then put the keys in and turned the ignition. Electical hum with the bonnet open there was a kind of noise behind it like an electrical spark jumping from 1 circuit to another. Tried the central locking and the external locking thinking it may be the CPU(which was also replaced at the same time as the fuseboard)

Any Suggestions?...
What year, model and motor?? How many miles on the clock?? Did any of these garages connect a Lexia or other fault code reader to the car to see what fault codes might be showing??
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

It's a 2004 berlingo multispace 1.4l petrol 79,945 miles done was connected to show a fuel pump problem which is why we replaced it first. No problem showed since
Might the hum be the fuel pump priming. My wife's Micra does something similar (but works properly).

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
I think it's the immobilser disengaging :/

Could it be the immobilser not disengaging fully the noise keeps going even after the keys are out of the ignition for a few secs!?!
Quote "Electical hum with the bonnet open there was a kind of noise behind it like an electrical spark jumping from 1 circuit to another. "

Its been quite a tale of woe, it seems anything done to cure the original fault has made things worse, ie fuel pump, the overheating/cracked C/Head.

I assume that the BSI reset was done at the time of the first b/down.

Could it be with all the dismantling and rebuilding that an earth wire has been missed somewhere or not tightened properly?

Yes, unfortunately a BSI reset was done on first breakdown. Nightmare and a half :'( don't think it would be an earth wire as it worked for three weeks+ in between each breakdown. It wouldn't run with a missed earthwire for three weeks would it?

Thanks for the suggestions though really appreciate it Smile keep them coming!

Do a bsi reset as I dont think your c/head would have been repaired without disconnecting the battery.
Solenoids can stick and cause a humming noise ,starter motor solenoids can hum and click,
if you can identify where the noises are coming from it will help to dicover your fault(s).
Get a long screwdriver and put the handle to your ear and the tip onto the engine, this will help trace where the noise is coming from

Ok I'll try in the morning early night tonight Smile thanks
Did all of that didn't start... Again got pissed off called my mechanic who said it might be the fuel sensor thats gone. The noise was coming from a black box situated just up and right from the ignition coil/oil

Thank You All for the suggestions never though I would get this much help even as a newbie! Will keep you guys posted to let you know what actually happened! ;-) really appreciated the help

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