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Berlingo 3 Van Front Fog Lights
Hi has anyone retro fit front fog lights to a Berlingo Mk3 Van? if so is wiring already in place?
I think its been covered once before.
I did consisder it -the stigma of the ugly plastic mouldings played on my mind.
But three things overwhelmed my feeble will-power,

1 The thought of dismantling half the front end of a brand new car.

2 The lack of absolute knowlege required -what brackets? needed ,are the cheap ebay lamps up to the job or do I get citroen ones and sell the kids(clued-up forum members seem to go for the latter)will I need new switchgear?,where does the relay go/,what type of relay?,is the wiring there already?,will it need 'activating',will all this invalidate my warranty(its not something you can quickly remove...)aaaggh.

3 The insurance premium hike-even if there isnt one they still charge me £40 to ammend the policy.

So basically I can live with the ugly bumper, and some decent headlamp bulbs managed to quieten down the spoilt child in my head!
Never say never, but I cant remember when we actually last had a real pea-souperround these parts..
When I researched & installed my daylight running lights, I initally thought the natural place would be where the factory foglamps are located on the front bumper.

My van is foglamp-less, it has factory fitted dimples there instead. :S

After looking around the net, I discovered the front bumper is a different unit if foglamps are fitted and the brackets look quite offputting too. My brain then cried "Run away!" :eek: and I fitted my DRLs in the front grill instead.

I will eventually master the skill of working on the new van. I've worked on lots of cars for decades and none has made me bleed more than the new Berlingo. So far the only job not requiring elastoplasts, has been sticking a "No tools left in van" sticker on the door! :censored: But my immune system and sense of humour remain strong! :lol: so I will triumph ......eventually......
Good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement…
I've got the proper (from Citroen) fog lamps and mounts but the prospect of removing the front bumper has me stopped. A look underneath seemed to indicate that the proper wiring was already in place. Citroen seems to add the wiring whether the option is purchased or not. I bought one of those lower boot light kits (where the light can also be removed and used as a flashlight) for not much money, cut the required hole in the plastic on the boot side panel and there was all the wiring pretty as you please. Hooked her up, mounted charging bracket and it works a treat. One of these days I'll dredge up the testicular fortitude to install the fog lamps.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

All this is why I envy the MK1 guys and miss my MK2 so much.
Theres no warranty to void,and theres nothing much you can do that will devalue your investment.
The spares and knowledgebase are much more plentiful so you can experiment with confidence.
Im not worried about removing bumper,just want to know if wiring is there? Had a quick look under but its all covered up with covers and things so before i buy what i need i need to confirm wiring is there and i dont want to start dismantling to find it isnt cheers.
This ones being playing on my mind since I bought my van (59 plate mk3) couple months back. Good to see theirs a few others keen to give it a go. I'm not home again until next week but I'll have a good look under the bumper an that and let you know what I find on mine. I'll also see what I can dig up on the Citroen Service website during my back shift over the next few days.

Just to add some other info for you that I have found

I have uploaded a copy of the Citroen fitting guide for the front fog lights. ...See Here

From what I can see this is what you would need and I've posted Citroen Service prices where they were provided.

Part No Description Quantity Price per Item
9682S3 Fog light kit x1 £57.34

6206J6 Fog headlight x2 approx £15 each on fleabay

7452VP Headlight Cap (black) x1 £26.75
7452VQ Headlight Cap (black) x1 £26.75
7452VW Headlight Cap (chrome) x1 £124.24
7452VX Headlight Cap (chrome) x1 £124.24

6924F7 Screw cblx x2 £0.48

Note you will need to hook up to Lexia to activate and will need to check if the stalk will move in the direction required to turn the lights on

3rensho can you let us know which parts you bought and what it cost you?

I haven't tried this yet so I can't confirm how accurate the above info is but I will be giving it a go when I have time.


PS. Check the difference between the chrome and plain headlight caps!!
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Ordered the above bits, so I'll let you know how I get on
I rather wish mine did not have the foglights, they are vulnerable to breakage by stones & I've already had one break. Fortunately as mentioned, ebay suppliers have cheapies for under £20 because Citroen wanted nearly £50 for an OE Valeo. Diy replacement was reasonably easy from below bumper but blood was drawn! A long spline tool is provided in toolkit for the single screw fixing, to locate screw when fitting new light I stuck it onto tool with Blutack. The ebay supplied light did not have such a shiny lens or reflector & I reused original bulb holder but it looks ok & does the job.

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