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berlingo 2.0hdi enterprise problem
hi all im a newbie here from belfast, im on a few local car forums here but looking some help from you experts and i plan to stick around when im done, here goes....

I have a 2005 berlingo 2.0hdi enging code RHY though with siemens injectors, ive only had the van a month all was well until yesterday when driving around 30mph and about to turn into a side road i noticed the drop in power like it was going into limp mode(no engine management light) i pulled over and it sounded like it wasnt firing on all 4 cylinders, I thought it was probably just bad fuel so i drove on and tried to drive it out of the system however it got worse and stopped, i let it sit and it started again but running of a cylinder, managed to get it home and this morning had a look around, removed all 4 injectors cleaned them and put them back in, no difference, had a diagnostic done which came up with a fault for 3rd and 4th cylinder cant for the life of me remember the exact wording but was something to do with too much diesel.....code was P0269

I then dipped the oil i dont know why but thought i would check, the oil was the same distace from the very bottom of the dipstick to the maximum part again over the maximum part! so im thinking along the lines of 1 of these 3 scenarios....

1. the timing belt has slipped and caused the running off a cylinder....but how would that explain the diesel in the oil?

2. the head gasket has went and caused low compression in 1 cylinder and caused the running on 3 cylinders issue which might explain the diesel in the oil(although the van never over heated and the water seems fine.)

3. i did get bad diesel which has wrecked pump or injectors or both which is causing it to over fuel and resulted in bore wash which would explain the diesel in the oil

I should also ad the smoke from it now ticking over is terrible, the van has 85k and unsure of last timing belt change im trying to get in touch with the previous owner...

Any help very much appreciated and thanks so much in advance!
If the belt has slipped then get it checked/replace now!

Does the fuel pump pulley also need to be timed with crank and cam. Could be overfuelling, heard this of cheap plug in tuning boxes doing this then passing excess diesel into the sump
took the timing belt cover off and it seems the belt has slipped, removed rocker cover and theres a few wee broken bits i assume are the rockers cant get them out to see, il know more later when i get it stripped so hopefully thats all it is and not injectors and pump through bad diesel!
Hi, look for sticking / bent valves on the broken rockers. Once back together take injectors out and turn engine over by hand via crank pulley and make sure every thing moves as it should.:thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool

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