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Screetching whilst changing gears
Hey folks, now what I'm about to explain has been described by my wife over the phone whilst I'm still away working.

When changing gear the van has started making a "screeching" noise, I hope we can assume its not so bad , but?!
Somebody with a little knowledge has mentioned they think it might be the thrust bearing but because I not due home before next weekend and sods law has it I will probably need the van the following week I thought some of you might be able to give me some general pointers to look towards. I'm a ships engineer by trade so I'm sure with your help I can get it sorted quick enough.

The one bit that is bothering me the most is the fact I bought the van from ex a hire company a few months back. I'm thinking along the lines more than normal clutch abuse but its still within warranty so any suggestions would be good.

Also sorry for the very vague diagnoses!

Sounds like the release bearing to me! Beware though..mine made the squeeling noise for afew weeks then the bearing colapsed completely Sad
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Thanks Pete.

When you say release bearing do you mean the bearing between the clutch fork and mechanism (no3 in drawing)?

[Image: clutchdiag.jpg]

No.3 looks the likely culprit. When mine failed it squealed like a pig to start with then the clutch fork started to chatter as the bearing broke up. Luckily managed to rip the box out before it went kaput completely.
I don't know if a MK3 has the same s*** design of bearing. They're of plastic and metal construction and the plastic part wears, melts and falls apart!
I think you'll be lucky to get it done under warranty (wear & tear etc). I wouldn't leave it too long to sort it, if it is the release bearing it'll die at the worst possible time!
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Cheers for that divingscubaboy.

I managed to speak to my local Citroen dealer yesterday and the van is booked in next Friday for them to look at. I explained that I thought it might be the release bearing and it was the dealer who actually said that it might fall under the warranty. So fingers crossed. I also checked on Citroen Service and if it comes down to paying the stealer's to replace the release bearing its charged at just under 6 hours labour! So if its not covered by the warranty I'll buy the bearing (£40) and be doing it myself.

I'll post up the final results for you all once its solved.

If you do decide to DIY, buy yourself a bearing that's good quality.
The OE bearing has plastic parts that rapidly deteriorate.
I'm sure someone here has done this job and will know of a suitable
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Just had a thought(don't get many usually),it may be the spigot bearing in the flywheel drying out.
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Hey folks. Just a quick update. Had the van into the garage the other week and dealer confirms it most likely to be release bearing. They also confirmed it would more than likely be covered by warranty. Booked in for a week come Friday so I'll let you know the final outcome.


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