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[Engine] Turbo whistle
Been to look at a Peugeot Partner combi with a 2.0HDi engine, there appears to be a whistle and possibly a squeal from the are of the turbo. How difficult is it to replace a turbo on one of these.

Unless the vehicle is VERY cheap I wouldn't bother with it to be honest, just look around for a Berlingo that's in good working order.
In my experience a squeal from a turbo is never good, possible damage to the compressor or housing or perhaps the bearings are shot.
The whistle usually means a crack in the manifold or downpipe, or a leak in those areas.

Hope that helps?
A whistle from the turbo is not necessarily a problem, it's a charcteristic of turbocharging. Some vehicles it is more noticeable than others, mine has been whistling happily for over 5 years and now 165,000 miles. If there is any squeal from that area that would raise my eyebrows.

As for replacing one, it can be done, but it's awkward.
As coco says the whistle is probably normal providing its not too loud but the squeal does raise suspicions, maybe best to steer clear plenty of others to choose from.
Mine whistles along quite happily and sometimes sort of chirps if you back off whilst under a lot of load (towing up a hill and then backing off for example)

I'll just clarify what I said about the "whistle", if it's excessively loud and sounds like a jet fighter taking off then there is likely some issue there :lol:
otherwise you'll find that most turbo's (especially diesels) will whirr and chirp along merrily, albeit at respectable decibel levels Smile
yes there is an issue if it sound like that, i have had that noise before and it was down to a pipe that had blown off and just required a new jubilee clip and the pipe re attaching but this doesnt mean it will be the same problem as what you have experienced on the partner.
(21-08-2012, 07:30 PM)Romahomepete Wrote:  Been to look at a Peugeot Partner combi with a 2.0HDi engine, there appears to be a whistle and possibly a squeal from the are of the turbo. How difficult is it to replace a turbo on one of these.


Hi There,
usuallya whistling Turbo indicates an air leak on the intake side of the check all the piping,sleeves,jubilee clips etc for tightness,leaks etc.
Turbo is a very finely tuned yet a tough part so if it makes a crunching,scraping,or high pitched-scream,then i`d worry...
also turbos usually work ok up to 80-100k miles if looked after-ie regular oil and filter changes,preferably at every 6-7000 miles-forget about the manufacturers recommended intervals,they never work!
anyway, hope the above helps and let us know how you got on.
Mine whistles because it doesn't know the words Big Grin You can hear it when at a constant speed but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it, it's just something the turbo does under light load and not something I'm worried about. A friend of mine had a brand new Golf tdi which did exactly the same
So where does this bit go then ?

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