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fitting a tow bar.
hi all im thinking of fitting a tow bar to my 2004 berlingo (handy for pulling my dingy around ) is there anything special i need to know about fitting the Single Electrics Kit . ive fitted a few tow bars before no prob,but im worried that i might upset the electrics on her as i know that some weired things can happen on these cars when messing with the wireing. thanks for any advice offered.
Fitted mine on 2005 and had no problems. It didn't need a relay.

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How much is the fish?
Ditto to my 07- didnt need relay all worked just fine although in hindsight one of these would have been a better way.

Nowhere near as complicated as they look,take ALL the load from the signalling wires that the trailer would impose,they have the indicator buzzer built in,plus you get then get the extras available.
I made use of these on my current beastie, by fitting a much neater 13pin euro socket -I now have reversing lamps on my trailer.

I used some nice thickly insulated domestic flex to hook into the offside tailight cluster-just feed it inside the rear door frame/pillar member and up and over into the nearside.
Drop your feed to the socket out of the bottom of the nearside door pillar.
Theres an earth stud/ nut handy too.
You can easily find out which wire does what by probing the light cluster multiplug with a multimeter.
Use red scotchlocks - the wires are tiny.

Use lots of coppaslip on the towbar fittings in case you want to sell it separately in the future.
Be warned though if the towbar manufacturer has given torque wrench figures ,any thread compound will make the torque wrench go haywire.
Bosal or Witter are a perfect fit.
Most will require you to cut a little piece out of the bumper-on the underneath edge -you cant see it unless someone is reversing over you...
Keep the kettle filled and have an enjoyably easy afternoon
thanks very much for your advice lads. thats it then ill def fit one.
Fitted mine in an hour!
I impressed myself!
It was very simple and fitted where it said.
Easy peasy.
No issues with electrics, all worked as it should first time.
Towbar was from a company courtesy of fleabay.
£68.00. Free delivery. Free electrics. onlinetowbarsuk
j90xxx thats the one im thinking of getting too.
Very well made, good instructions, and reasonably priced.
You have to cut a 2" square (slot) in bumper (underneath edge) which is not noticeable. Apart from that it bolts straight on.

[Image: x5segw.jpg]
"hi all im thinking of fitting a tow bar to my 2004 berlingo (handy for pulling my dingy around)"

Landcrab-you do realise you're going to need some type of trailer as well?Confusedillyme:

Martin your blingo is very nice indeed- is that a private plate or is it really a '98?
The 'J' plate would make it a 1991.Confusedtudy:
It is a private plate, had it about 12 years. Means nothing, just something different. Wanted a XXX plate, there were none about at the time.
Saw XX07 XXX few months ago which looked cool (I thought). The van originally is a 57 plate, checkout my 'Garage' for info.:thumbsup:
Ordered myself a towbar last week and just fitted it, all went pretty ok and bolted on just fine (hooray!)
Am now looking at the wiring and planning to connect to the rear light cluster on the left hand side.

BUT.. how do I get the indicator signal from the other side??

People have mentioned sending a wire over the top of the rear door frame, are we talking about the rear door frame as in directly above the light cluster and across the frame by the boot hinge? As I've tried feeding a wire up along this frame and totally failed.

Really struggling to make sense of what to do, could send a wire from one cluster out under the car and back up the other side but would prefer to do it inside the car if at all possible!

Any gems of info much appreciated!!

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