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worst garage ever
My normal mechanic is on holiday for two weeks and when he comes back he's booked out for a further two weeks. for handyness sake i decided to leave the 'berlinda' to a mechanic near my work. WHAT A DISASTER!!!. If a time in life comes when you want to hurt someone this was my time..i wanted glow plugs changed and injectors tested. he took them out i got them tested and back to him..two days later the van still wasn't ready and his answer was he wasn't dropping things just for me tow it away if i wanted. it took me 24hrs to cool down and ended up with my son and work friend towing it out which them fixing it..

Micky from gilford ni ....your a waste of space....
Anymore to avoid, Forum?
My worst two experiences ever-the village bodger -eventually he would fix the problem you took in, but ALWAYS broke something else in the process.:brickwall:

The other involved that wretched 416 -took it for an MOT at a newly started -up (and quickly folded down)outfit on the towns industrial estate.
Passed first time -no problems.:thumbsup:
I always spend an afternoon beforehand going through all the obvious stuff so it does pay dividends.
You wouldnt want a fail for a light bulb now would you?

Driving away now, everytime I touched the brakes, the pedal would shudder to the floor.
Turns out they'd broken the cast iron ring that worked the ABS.
Had to have it done at the rover place £300+ as I recall.
While it was there the chap also replaced one of the stop/tail bulbs.
Why? -I said
Because,he replied, there was an indicator bulb in its place.Confusedcratch:
How did that get there and how did it pass its MOT????Rolleyes

One more, the Hereford Vauxhall main dealer who shall remain nameless (Bayliss)was supposed to be rectifiying the engine management on my MK3 Astra sent the mechanic out to the waiting room to ask how and when the light came on.
I told him and he still looked perplexed.He then openly remarked that he had swapped out parts from other customers cars to try for a result.....

I saved like mad for five years and started buying new from then on.
Worst place I encountered was ABC Services in Cheltenham. Took my my Xantia in for new tyres. Found out a couple of days later that they hadn't done the wheel nuts up! Fortunately the wheels stayed on the car. One of the tyres developed a huge bulge on the inside about a year later but by then I'd lost the receipt. It had felt odd from day one so I swapped it to the rear.

Fast forward a couple or more years. One of my neighbours scratched my car by accident. No worries she had a friend at ABC Services who will respray it. Took it in to be done and after a week they still hadn't done it. Apparently the computer was broken so they couldn't match the paint. Took it back when they said. Left it for two days, still not done. Apparently mice had eaten through the computer cable, this time. So I went elsewhere, which was cheaper and quicker.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!

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