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Replacing radio
I have been looking online to find out how to replace the original radio in my 1997 Berlingo to no avail. Wish to install a Kenwood KDC-W4044U. The radio in the van is double size with a flap to hide the cassette player. The Kenwood is the size of a normal radio. 1: how do I get the old one out? 2: how will I fill the space when fitting the new one?


You will need one of these facia adaptors


If your dashboard is like this you can put the radio in the slot above and leave the other one in its original location but out of use.

[Image: mrqr9.jpg]
    That's brill...thanks! do I get the old radio out to get at the wiring harness? The 4 hole use bent wire routine will not work. Looks as if I need 2 tools to put in the upper openings on the sides of the radio.
sorry i mis read your post, i thought you had it out already.
to be honest i am not too sure how it is removed the 2 upper corners you mentioned sound a good idea but i was wondering are they there to allow movement for hinged lid, what are the two circles on left and right are they covering any screws.
Ah...hadn't really noticed them. You are probably right. Will see if they are covering screws. Thanks a least I have a better idea of what I am looking at. Still may get the face plate thing you posted as a having the little space above for things and the current radio is useless as is. But.....dark here and I want to relax a little. Will reply later to keep you/all posted on what I find.
Check with a retailer what adapter cables you will need to connect the unit to the wiring harness. I recently fitted a Pioneer and needed an adapter cable, a patch cable for the steering column remote control and another to connect to constant power supply (if you dont do this the unit loses any stored set up info when you switch off ignition!), yours may not need this last one but be prepared it might. Oh I needed an adapter for the antenna socket too!
Thanks so successfully installed. Got an antenna adapter and it works perfectly!
(02-09-2012, 05:20 PM)Ken_in_France Wrote:  Thanks so successfully installed. Got an antenna adapter and it works perfectly!

How did you remove the old radio just incase another member searches for same problem, glad you sorted it.
I removed the two plugs covering the screws, unscrewed it (naturally the star head type....nothing normal) and simply slid the thing out. Very easy.

I now have a new problem. I am replacing the speakers in the dash with JBLs which have lugs for spade connectors. Of course the speakers in the dash have a plastic connector. I really do not want to snips wires and attached spades and such. Is there a plastic connector adaptor available so that would snap onto the one connected to the radio speaker wires and have spades to then plug the new speaker in?

Hope that makes sense.....
Yes there is.... I got some off ebay for mine.

I used something similar to this:

but check the connector looks right...

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