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banging on car
hi can anyone help me? put new spring on front passenger side since then have a loud banging noise and shudder coming from car. could the breaking of the spring cause any other damage. when i fixed this i lost a pint of oil from gear box can you also tell me how to top this up.Huh forgot to say that its an 04 2litre hdi
Hmmm could be a few things. Has the broken spring been masking other faults that were previously there. You should replace springs as a pair due to different spring rates. Don't want to sound patronising but have you reassembled the strut correctly? Worn track rod ends can make loud banging.
I guess you pulled a driveshaft and lost oil from the diff? I would drain the lot and refill, the box will only take 2 litres (ish). See the post from few days about gearbox oil there is a link which may help you identify which box you have and how to fill it.
1.9d Mk2 (M59/BE4/5) with battle scars from a conservatory attack. Previously owned a 1.4i Mk2 Forte.Confusedalut:
(28-02-2011, 08:27 PM)bubble but Wrote:  hi can anyone help me? put new spring on front passenger side

Hi, bubble but.

Did you replace only one spring or two?

Just replaced the broken 1 but have other there will put on at weekend. Drove car and it felt like wheels were wobbling about but everything is tight . wondered if its a lack of oil as it feels like drive is lost on left wheel when it bangs. Thanks for your help.
Main and basic rule during replacement of force elements in suspension: always change elastic elements on both sides! There's no diifference what is it, springs or torsions.
Below is the picture of McPherson's invention installed in Berlingos

[Image: susp.png]

1. Balancing of front wheels
2. Free rotation of upper suppoprting bearing.
3. Fastening of anti-roll bar link.
4. Noiseless and free rotation of front hub-bearing.
5. Free shift of front caliper.

Good drawing of components. Took car to garage to day and it made a lot of noise then had no gears and smoke coming out of engine. Sounds expensive.
Doesn't sound good. Good luck with it.
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Garage said gearbox is caput so they have put in a second hand box new oil and put the spring on other side for £485 + vat .Dont know if price is ok or not.
how many miles are on the clock? not sure if thats a good price, guess it depends on second hand gearbox, what condition and any warranty on it.I have paid over £1400 for a shogun gearbox a few years ago.
87000 on car but dont know on the box.They put new clutch in aswell and it drives nice and smooth i used to crunch gears a bit last time but not now. hope it lasts.Got away with vat so just 485.

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