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.. Shell V Power Diesel ....?
Just curious about this product as someone in work has suggested it is worth a go despite the higher price than supermarket and other retailers.
Anyone have a first hand experience of the stuff ?
My default state is sceptic. ( Not even sure it is sold near me ).
I'm running it now. I'll letyou know at the weekend

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I used it before (normal diesel pumps had ran out) and TBH I felt no difference! Used to run my old GTi6 on V-power petrol though and it felt nicer.

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'04 Peugeot Partner HDi LX. Lows, Leaks and Wellers. Now matt grey and dent free Smile

Shell V-power diesel is all I have ever used since my car was new two years ago. Have read that it has a higher gas-to-liquid percentage than regular diesel and therefore it less dense but has a higher cetane rating so you "come out ahead". Who knows Rolleyes Since I've burned nothing else I have no experience to compare. Wanted to keep her running nice so use V-power and also change oil more often than recommended.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Thank you all for the replies so far will watch this space. Cheers.
I used to use it in my Berlingo never noticed any difference in sound of engine or MPG.
You wouldn't notice much differance unless you have a.high performace diesel engine. My wife has a BMW tuned Mini cooper SD and she said she notices a big improvement.
I use bog standard diesel in my 2.0Hdi, I see little benefit from using "Premium" diesels, only less money in my wallet.

From previous experience of petrol ie regular vs super unleaded I believe that you will only ever see any performance increase if your vehicle is mapped or tuned to take advantage of the higher octane fuel, which I don't think my 2.0Hdi is, but in the case of the tuned Mini Cooper it may have active knock sensing and ignition timing control so that it can eek out a little more power from the few extra octane in the fuel.

Of course the "super diesel" may have better cleaning properties, but I don't see how that will help much.

The Placebo effect is worth mentioning too, I have in the past filled up with Super-unleaded just to "treat" the car to the good-stuff, it just ended up costing me moreRolleyes

And it's worth considering that allegedly lots of the major fuel retailers bulk buy their fuels from the same suppliers, so what's in the pump at your local Tesco might be the same as any other garage down the road. Allegedly.
I tried two consecutive tankfuls in my HDI & found no difference to normal Shell which I use mostly.The bog standard diesel has cleaning agents.Supermarket fuel does not have the same quality additives.
I will only use supermarket fuel very occasionally.
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I fill up with whatever is available at the best price within a reasonable range. So that means Esso in Bristol and Asda in Gloucester. Plus biodiesel whenever I can get it. Now my car is a 1.9D and I have never noticed any difference. My previous car was a diesel Seat Alhambra and again never noticed any difference.
This debate has been done loads of times all over the interwibble (just google for supermarket fuel vs branded) and the results are completely inconclusive.

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