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Mk 2 or . . . .Doblo?
I`m drawing a comparison here; has anyone had both? I had the Doblo, and now have the Mk 3 which is a different generation. Which doesn`t necessarily mean better. But in many ways it is.
But I liked the agricultural feel of the Doblo, the driving position, excellent rear seats, the cavernous space . . . . but not it`s lightfootedness; it slipped something rotton in first gear. Unless the wife was sitting next to me . . .
I don't know but i was really thinking hard about a new shape Doblo after having a Fiat Stilo. Just could not find a doblo for the same money as the Berlingo and for the same spec.
Always thought though that the new Doblo looked far far better as the van than the car any ways.
The new Doblos are expensive. They`re also huge, kinda fit in between popular sizes. Too big for me really. And the old one would struggle to pull a caravan.
we hava a 2007 plate doblo at work and although it is a nice and comfy drive i tend to find the steering goes very light at speed and can be over sensitive cant compare with any other doblo as that only one i have driven.
My Granddad has a 2005 1.6 Doblo and he has had so many problems, owned the car from brand new, and he has categorically stated he would never touch another Fiat as a result of the Doblo. The 1.6 lacks power on hills, he has had endless electrical faults, although I have read Fiat have changed electrics since then and the newer models should be improved in this area.
I have also noticed the new vauxhall is identical to the doblo, including for the first time vauxhall are doing a car version of the combo van
I liked the look of the old doblo and was tempted breifly but fiat ,to me anyway,have a stubborn stigma of being rust buckets.

Same with Skoda-volkswagen have improved the marque dramatically but a thankfully short experience of an old 120 back in the day put me off for life.
Rover? a 416 betrayed me-hopefully no-one will be stupid enough to try to resurrect the name?
well having just got rid of a fiat still I can assure you they are anything but rust buckets. I would have had another stilo but couldn't find one with low enough mileage.
But then when I was looking at alternative cars saw the xtr spec berlingo and that was it.
Do like the look of the doplo with the Xhigh roof - amazing interior space! I thought the berlingo was tall! But wouldn't go to fiat, in the same way I wouldn't touch a lancia!
If it aint broke don't fix it... if it is broke, who gives a rats ass?
Like I say-stigma- it sticks Ive never had an Italian vehicle but wouldnt want one simply because of the scare stories going back 20-30 years.
Add that to the Aermacci engine on my grandads mower that spat most of its crankase through his greenhouse.....
A bad reputation is tough for a car manufacturer to shake even if a problem was restricted to a minority batch and the issue sorted quickly-

Eurodiesel turbo failure anyone??
Not having owned a Fiat I have only other's opinions to go on. I've heard spare parts are expensive. Even if it's something like the Ulysse, which is a Pug 806 by another name, parts are more expensive than the Pug equivalent, although I wouldn't know personally. A workmate had a Multipla and had a lot of trouble getting one Fiat garage to honour the warranty issued by another Fiat garage. Having said that Citroen main dealers are no shining examples themselves.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!

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