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Please help big decisions.
I am looking too buy a second hand berlingo and have a couple of options but would like to get some expert opinions on

2006 1.9d 600 lx .vs. 2004 2.0 hdi


Thanks in advance for any help Big Grin
Power/speed: - the 2.0 HDi has a turbo, and so will have considerably better acceleration.

Economy: the 1.9d will probably get you about 35-40 mpg, the 2.0 HDi will probably get you 45-50 mpg.

Reliability: More to go wrong in the 2.0 HDi, and a lot of people will tell you that the 1.9 will be more reliable. I've never heard any statistically based evidence, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the 2.0 HDi is not particularly problematical, and there are a reasonable number of people who have had problems with the 1.9d. So probably not a lot in it.
Northman. Thanks for your help.
The 2 I am looking at are as follows :-

2004 2l hdi. I owner council owned full service history. 40k on the clock £2700


2006 1.9 lx. 2 owner no service history. 42000 miles. A few new bits eg battery starter motor etc. I think I can get this for £1900.

I am swaying towards the 2006. As this will give me a few hundred to service etc.
Try and have a drive before buying as the 1.9D is rather sedate and not to everyone's taste though a good vehicle of course - if it suits your driving style ( I have a 1.9D 2005 ).
If your going to be on the motorway, towing or carrying reasonably heavy stuff HDi everytime.

I bought my 04 plate 2.0l HDi at the end of october last year for a smidge less than you have been offered that one for but with 98000 on the clock. Touch wood, reliability has been impeccable since over 17,000 miles gone! And it has just passed its MOT without a single advisory.

In the past year I have replaced front disks and pads, and the inner ball joint on the drivers side on the steering rack, replaced two tired engine mounts and serviced it twice! In terms of cost per mile it is by far the cheapest vehicle to run I have had!

I average 44mpg BUT bear in mind that is mixed milage, some with boats/bikes on roof, some quite heavily laden and some towing. On the last tank with a majority of steady motorway running I achieved 52mpg.

Hope that helps!

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I've had my 1.9D for about 4 or 5 months now. No real problems although the engine light did come on once, briefly and inexplicably and then went out never to return (yet). It's got 115k on the clock and returns 44mpg on average. However it is known in our family as the Scarlet Slug. Once up to speed it will stay there but it doesn't encourage overtaking on single carriageway roads unless you get a good run up. If you have steep hills or heavy loads then the turbo version will be much better.

Basic servicing (oil, water, filters) is easy, lots of room around the engine.

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Thanks for the help guys want to keep cost low hence 1.9d but after hearing what u guys say, I do 45k a year so gonna go for hdi.
I have now found a 2003 50k full service history, clean van for £2000 plus vat. Got 12 month mot on it too.
(12-09-2012, 10:58 AM)chrisyates8413 Wrote:  Thanks for the help guys want to keep cost low hence 1.9d but after hearing what u guys say, I do 45k a year so gonna go for hdi.
I have now found a 2003 50k full service history, clean van for £2000 plus vat. Got 12 month mot on it too.

Good luck,I hope you enjoy it.:woop:
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