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Roof Box
Hi all.
No I haven't foresaken you!
On our recent 10 days in France we were going from place to place, hotel to hotel. This mean't that the seats in row 2 had to be used for our cases/bags as the boot area was completely filled with two mobility scooters and a cool box.
So, the picnic capabilities were thwarted and this set us thinking about fitting a roof box. We already have one - a medium sized Thule - which we used on our previous car, a Xantia.
Now a box on the roof of a Xantia is OK but the Mk3 is a h**l of a lot higher and we will almost need the services of a scaffolding company to load or unload the box.
We have had ideas on making a dedicated ladder which will be posssible to stow alongside the box on the roof bars but has anyone else encountered this 'problem' and how did they overcome it.
Secondly, we realise the fuel consumption will be affected but by how much? We are currently getting 44-45 mpg at the legal limit. The Berlingo is a bit like a semi-aerodynamic brick so would the box perhaps improve the consumpton figures?
Answers on a postcard please to . . . . .
Bonne Route

  Berlingo XTR HDi110, Tivoli Blue, Modutop, MyWay etc etc
I've just got back from a week in Turkey.

Many of the Berlingos (and Doblos, Connects etc) there have a ladder mounted on the tailgate - much like some large motorhomes do. This would no doubt make access easier, but as it would be fixed to a tailgate or rear door, I'm not sure how durable it would be or whether using it would affect the operation of the tailgate over time. On motorhomes they are fitted to the bodywork of the vehicle, not a moving part.

A quick look on the Web only uncovered full size van (Transit etc) versions which do not look as stylised as the ones that I saw, perhaps they were more show than go.

Might be worth a bit of research if that's the type of thing you are after, would certainly make washing the roof a lot easier !!!
I open the rear door and step onto the footwell and reach up that way.

However, I am 6ft 1in and slim so I probably have a good reach advantage!

To get to the back of the box, I fold down the rear back rest onto the seat and step onto the back of the seat for the extra height.

I realise that's probably no good for anyone a little less sure footed.
I dont think the box would affect mpg too much-I have a bare metal roof bar-you can hear the air turbulence howling around it but the trip computer doesnt seem to know its there when reporting mpg's.
I wouldnt risk making the door a loadbearing component.
Perhaps adapt an aluminium step ladder or loft ladder to slide away under the roof bars
on my old vwt4 camper i used a fiamma 2 part ladder internally to get into roof space. Saved standing on seats. Often wonder this could be used to get up high to tie my canies on, havent tried it yet. Will go to shed and try it , let you know shortly.
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
I lose about 5mpg with roof box in situ on a run out, but at the same time the car is also fully loaded with camping gear and kids, so there's a fair amount of extra weight in there as well.
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Recently saw a guy with a Landie and top box type tent - he had fabricated a step that hooked over the rear wheel that gave him easy access. Didn't take a snap (doh!) but a trawl of land rover camping equipment sites might throw up something.
I would have thought a set of small folding steps or maybe a folding caravan step to raise you a foot or so would do the job if you could make a bit of room to slide them inside. Folding caravan step particularly wouldn't take up too much room.
We've now got the box on the roof (temporarily) and are nearly sorted with a way to load/unload it. Will give the details plus photo soon when we have finalised and proved the system.
We have done about 80 miles with the box fitted, mostly on the A12 dual carriageway (Boreham to Ipswich and back) at 70mph true using the GPS speedo and cruise control. At first sight there doesn't seem to be any difference in consumption 45-46 mpg so we are happy.
Bonne Route,

  Berlingo XTR HDi110, Tivoli Blue, Modutop, MyWay etc etc
We did 1000 Miles across France, fully loaded with two bikes on the roof and 3 on the back. Averaged 45mpg, compared to the usual 53mpg.

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