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Track rod ends
Is there a how to on replacing track rod ends please? When I had the exhaust replaced a few weeks ago they pointed out my front tyres were wearing on the inside. So when I got home I tweaked the toe in a quarter of a turn on each side. This cured the twitchy feeling on corners. But now the twitches have come back. I'm wondering if the track rod ends are worn. I've got to do the front discs so it wouldn't be too much extra work to get underneath and do them at the same time.

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Well that was easy. 10 minutes work per side apart from removing the wheels. I actually compared the lengths of the old and new track rod ends once I'd put the new ones on. The bloke in the tyre place where I got the tracking checked said they weren't far out at all.

Stupid computer!
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Did replacing the track rod ends stop the twitching on corners? When I bought mine a month ago it went round roundabouts like a dodgem. I replaced the front tyres and the garage said the tracking was miles out but all the ball joints looked OK. It is much better but still a bit twitchey on right hand bends.
Compdoc......... By twitchy do you mean that when goinground corners the steering wheel 'pulses', and seems like it's pulling against you when you turn it?........ If so, I think that all Berlingos do this, (mine too). I've heard that it's some sort of feature that Citroen introduced to counteract oversteer!......... I don't know whether that's true or I've dreamt it, but I'm sure I've heard that somewhere. I'm sure one of the more clued-up members of this fine forum will beable to confirm or deny this.
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Yup certainly seems to have cured it or at least reduced it significantly. The twitchyness went away when I first tweaked the tracking but came back which is why I replaced the rod ends.

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