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Multispace Roof
Hi, after a rain shower water seeps out of the leading edge of the multispace roof where it joins the metal roof. The berlingo is normally parked facing down a slight hill and l noticed water slowly dribbling from both corners. If l lift the rubber seal it turns into a torrent Confusedcratch: Water is obviously getting in somewhere on the mutispace roof. I've found the front two roof windows have a dreadful seal at their front edge and wondered if anyone else has the same problem. Has anyone tried sealing this. Curiously there's no sign of water leaking inside the car. No drips at all. Does anyone know how the roof is constructed? Having it resealed by citroen isn't an option. Apart from that it's a brilliant car.
If it's not letting water into the inside I'd leave well alone and count your lucky stars!

Incidentally the roof with skylights is the 'Modutop' roof rather than Multispace - Multispace just means the car version rather than the van. If you do a forum search on 'roof leak':

you should get most of the previous threads about this...

Most are doubtless OK (mine included fingers crossed) but it seems like a bit of a nightmare if one does leak.
By the way what is the Modutop roof made out of? Is it plastic or metal?

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Ah, Modutop it is, thanks. I've managed to get a cartridge of non-setting windscreen sealant which is just about the stickiest stuff on the planet. All l need now is for the rain to stop long enough to dry things out and l'll seal the gap around both of the roof windows. With a bit of care it'll be invisible from the outside.

I think the modutop roof is made from plastic or fibreglass. Mine has some paint chips and it shows white underneath.
(14-09-2012, 03:10 PM)bigsacs Wrote:  
I think the modutop roof is made from plastic or fibreglass. Mine has some paint chips and it shows white underneath.

I think its some sort of alloy casting. The paint is starting to bubble along one of the moulded strips set into the roof between the glass panels. Had roof bars for a previous car do exactly the same a few years ago. Tried to rub them down to repaint but could never cure it.
My 2005 2.0HDI Desire Modtop is becoming a mudtop - collecting grunge and moisture behind the seal and roof cavity. It has become distorted along the front of the vehicle and no longer doing it's job. Just about to clean out the seal and try to straighten it. Has anyone replaced this seal, what kinda price can I expect and who supplies them? It doesn't seem to be leaking at present but I'm suspecting the worse, there are signs that it has in the past judging by the seriously rusty interior floor and fittings. After cleanup, hope it behaves, if not what is the most reliable sealant to try?
Hi, reading the link from 'shedpete' gives a great insight to the complexity of the roof construction and the seal. I suspect replacing the seal is a true nightmare however resealing it to a waterproof standard should be relatively simple. I had a similar problem on an old toyota which was sealed using windscreen sealer. It's the most sticky stuff ever and never hardens. I've found a 310ml cartridge of 'Indasa Sealant' on eb*y and hope to try next time its sunny. Its important never to use silicon as its not very sticky and rots its way through paint. Good luck.
Its finally stopped raining for more than two days and l had a chance to try some resealing! Whilst lifting the edge of the modutop rubber seal where it joins the roof to dry it with a cloth l was amazed to find how easily it lifts out. It was completely soaked. I'm now wondering whether it might just be easier to get a new rubber seal and replace the old leaky one. I'd assumed the seal was nigh on impossible to replace and definitely a specialist job but after today l might just try it! Does anyone know if they're available and what price? (As asked by Richurban) I can't get a price from Citroen till tomorrow. Thanks
This interests me.

I've had a persistent leak from the front right corner for a couple of years now. Dealt with the symptoms by stuffing a bit of kitchen roll between the front roof storage console and the windscreen trim panel. No more wet seats or lap as soon as you brake. Smile

Which seal seems to be most regularly at fault? The seal for the whole modutop or the individual window seals?
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(07-10-2012, 02:47 PM)bigsacs Wrote:  ! Does anyone know if they're available and what price? (As asked by Richurban) I can't get a price from Citroen till tomorrow. Thanks

£398.06 inc VAT

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