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Mixing Two Stroke Oil In Your Diesel
I have been shown some threads on other forums about mixing two stroke oil in your diesel at a rate of about 500ml to a tankful (60ltr on my MK1 2.0Hdi) people are saying you get quieter running better starting & a better pick up mid range oh and less of a smoke haze when accelerating? :whistle:
I googled this, and on a engineering forum someone more qalified than me stated that if you have no DPF (diesel particulate filter) it should be ok as two stroke oil burns at a lower temp than diesel also that it will lubricate better than the ultra low sulpher diesel we are burdened with these days. As I told the mate at work who told me about these threads the two stoke oil I use for my 80's Husqvarna 430 two stroke cost around £17.00 a litre there was not much saving to be had, It turns out that any cheap two stroke oil will do IE tesco scooter oil garden, centre two stroke at around £4-5 a litre. I have given it a go filling up today I put half a litre of tesco finest in my tank
Initial Impressions (or imagination) Confusedcratch: the engine does appear quieter especially when accelerating in 3rd & 4th quieter at tickover, no hovering cloud in the mirror when flooring the throttle in the boost zone in 3rdConfusedunny:.
Apparently it is a big thing in the states to do this
I do not see this could do any harm as when a local supermarket had rapeseed oil 3ltr for £1.47 BOGOF last time fuel was this price & that was ok but without the effects noticed above?
I will keep everyone updated
I've been doing this for a while now (& also did in my 406 HDi & 530d) & haven't noticed any improvements to be honest. That said though, it hasn't suffered at all & I've been told that it helps lubricate the fuel pump & seeing as modern diesel fuel pumps aren't a cheap item to replace, I'll stick with the 2 strok as an additive.

Does anybody know how this would affect a car with a particle filter?
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Standard so far

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I have been led to believe that the two stroke will effect the DPF How I have been unable to find out?
You could make some papermache body panels and pretend to be in a Trabant.

I suppose two stroke oil is better than veg or biofuels for the fuel system -the Rustkrat has uploaded some horrific pictures of what can happen there..

I wouldn't go overboard in case I got stopped -there is a DOT checkpoint at Ross on Wye -all the enforcement agencies are there when they have a big open-day-you can be in there 30 mins sometimes even when you've been a good boy.
They could assume the 2T is used as bulk fuel rather than additive.

I would guess the oil would eventually wreck the DPF in all cases, as you are putting 'abnormal' particles through it.
More oil and cheaper oil would speed up the process.
Also cheap oil will quickly carbonise the combustion chamber -not such a problem on crankcase valved 2 stroke motors but a different story with poppet valve engines...
For us as Joe Public I suppose the only way is to find a friendly garage who would test emissions upstream of the filter on normal fuel, then do the same when using 2stroke.

I use a 'homebrew' on my old tractor, but I stick to pure pump diesel on my road car-I just don't believe the long term outcome of messing with the hi-tech unknown is worth the gain.
if using 2 stroke oil, why not go the extra mile and slap an expansion chamber on it, that might up the bhp :lol:
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(15-09-2012, 06:36 PM)theraphosa Wrote:  if using 2 stroke oil, why not go the extra mile and slap an expansion chamber on it, that might up the bhp :lol:

Boyeson reeds, grind the exhaust port up 2mm and unpack the fibreglass out of the tailpipe.

Then put 'crazy frog' on the stereo-ring ding ding ding ding:woop:
(15-09-2012, 07:14 PM)evdama Wrote:  
(15-09-2012, 06:36 PM)theraphosa Wrote:  if using 2 stroke oil, why not go the extra mile and slap an expansion chamber on it, that might up the bhp :lol:

Boyeson reeds, grind the exhaust port up 2mm and unpack the fibreglass out of the tailpipe.

Then put 'crazy frog' on the stereo-ring ding ding ding ding:woop:

and don't forget, rear sets, clips ons and a dark visor :whistle:
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
Adding 2 stroke has been discussed on here before, loads on it all over the internet.
I've been adding it for some time at 250ml per tankful - no tangible benefits to report but it does sound a little smoother
still makes no sense to me, two stroke motorcycles started seperating oil from fuel back in the 70's, even with quality oils like Bartol were still smokey, and can't think the byproduct from adding 2T to diesel can do any good at all, just my opinion.
2011 (61) Multispace XTR 110 in Kyanos Blue
It's probably quieter because the fuel is not detonating quite as well as it would do without a relatively inert substance mixed in with it - Diesel should be noisy when it detonates.

DPF - Oil will cause more smoke, thus more work for the DPF; So expect shorter life with more forced regeneration (or is it rejuvenation?) Maybe the JASO grade oils would be better

Fuel Pump - Diesel itself is a good lubricant (ever drove over any spilled on a corner?) I can't see it doing any harm in the 1.9D but wouldn't risk it in the all too sensitive commonrail hdi

I read once of some one placing magnets (magnotherapy ) near the fuel line and claiming higher mpg - I guess adding two stroke to diesel is a similar logic - what's next (aromatherapy) drops of vanilla and lime essence for your air filter?

I suppose we already have homoeopathy with that little tank of (urine?) that adds ½ a drop to every full tank of diesel ( and we have to pay £50 - £200) for this utter nonsense. jeez...
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