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Recommended Oil...
Hi all,

As you will see from my last thread I have decided to do an oil change on my 2003 2.0Hdi this weekend.

Now that I have my engine drained, does any of you Berlingo experts recommend any particular engine oil?

I believe that I should be using a 10W40 oil, but is there a particular manufacturer/range that suits the Berlingo best?

We have a factors shop here in Orkney that seems to stock all the regukar brands Comma, Castrol, Mobil,etc..

I'm hoping to get it finished tomorrow, if I can source a sump plug, so any help tonight would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:
Take a look here:

An extensive discussion which should throw some light on the subject.:thumbsup:
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Cheers OlJeffers:thumbsup:, I should have thought to search the topic really....:brickwall:

(16-09-2012, 07:43 PM)OlJeffers Wrote:  Take a look here:

An extensive discussion which should throw some light on the subject.:thumbsup:


Just read through that thread you recommended OlJeffers.

It seems to be focused on the 1.6Hdi, mine is a 2.0Hdi - does that make much difference in relation to the advice offered on that thread?

Also, I note that you advise a Comma 5W30 oil (hopefully I have picked that up correctly) - this goes against the grade that my local factors shop advised yesterday when I gave them my registration number. Whilst I don't doubt 'you' for one second, is 5W30 OK to use,only I have a full container of 5W30 Magnatec in the shed.....
My factors (GSF & ECP) have both tried to sell me 5w30 based on my registration. This is what their books tell them I should be running and I have no argument with that, however, because mine runs a bit on the hot side I stick with 10w40.

Either will do the job and if yours is standard and bearing in mind where you are I'd be more than happy with the 5w30 you already have.
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Does anyone think I am OK to use the Magnatec 5W30 A4 in my 2.0 Hdi?
No because an A4 rated oil is petrol specific

In mine I use a 5w40 fully synthetic.

As long as its a 10w40 or 5w40 and has ACEA spec to B3 and or B4 you will be good.
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Thanks very much 800HDI.

Bit of a mistake on my behalf, I've been and checked and the Magnatec I have is 'A1' and not 'A4' as I stated previously....., I thought it strange when you said it was specific to petrol engines as I bought it for my old Iveco Daily diesel van.

The back of the bottle says 'ACEA A1/B1, A5/B5.'

Is that any better?
Well I ended up going for Comma Syner D 5W40 B4, which is what my local factors shop recommended ;-)
I bought this...
5 litres, 30% discount, free oil filter, free delivery, under £21. :woop:
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I used the triple QX stuff this time round, but not the low SAPS version.

Here's a good description of what the ACEA tatings mean.

The Comma Syner D is a good oil,so you will be fine.
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