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No feed to Glow Plugs
Hi all, i have an 04 Berlingo 1.9d which is struggling to start in the mornings, i have noticed that the glow plug light on dashboard is no longer coming on. it went for an MOT and i got the guy to check the glow plugs which were fine but he said there is no feed to them ?? Any ideas if this will be causing the starting issues and how to solve?
Need to check the wiring and relay but where they are situated I don't know.

The older engine definately relied on glow plugs to start, similar to my old Pug 306.
Could always tell when a g.p. was down as started with a miss-fire until cleared and loads of white smoke. If more than one g.p. failed it would struggle or fail to start.
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Welcome gottagetaname to the BOF...hope you get it sorted.
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ok, its had a few wiring issues, the horn was working intermittantly when engine was on however it worked without the key in, i took it to an electrical place and they said it looked like a bad earth so for ease/cost they just re-routed the horn to an independant button on dash.
Hi, The relay is situated under the battery tray at the back. This is what ensures correct pre/post heat times etc... you can bypass this to check whether it is operational. The glowplugs are connected together by a thick wire which runs to the relay via the plastic manifold above the plugs. This connection can easily be unscrewed and run to the battery + with a jump lead etc. Give it 10 or so seconds to heat the plugs and try and start. If this doesn't work then plugs could still be at fault. Otherwise check all connectors/ wiring from relay to plugs and battery, something could have shaken loose... good luck check these obvious things first though..

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Thanks for the advice i will give it a try!!
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cheers bud,

send me a message if you can't find the solution, and i'll try and post some how to photos for ya.
have had many issues with my van but there is always a simple solution!


Adam..2003..1.9D..LX..Silver Crew Cab Van.....
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

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