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Ferry prices
Whilst relaxing in the Forum Drivers Cafe, sipping a Latte, I thought of a question?
I know quite a few members take their trusty Berlingos across the water to far flung colonies and mingle with Johnny Foreigner, sample their fancy food and cheap wine.
I am planning such a trip next year, unfortunately, without my Berlingo but with a Transit type van and a car trailer (with a car on it!).
As you can imagine this a hefty length of road train to accomodate on those floating car parks run by the likes of the Penninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O, to the youngsters).
Does anyone know of any cheap companies or deals?
I am travelling to the Municipality of Smallingland in the Province of Friesland. (Honest. It's not a made up place! Look it up. I had too.)
It all depends on where you want to go to/from.
The nearest port to your destination would be Rotterdam? so you could go from either Hull or Harwich to Rotterdam (longer ferry journey, less driving).
Or you could drive down to Dover and hop across to Calais, then drive to your destination (shorter ferry journey, more driving).

You'll have to decide if you'd rather spend more/less time on the ferry, cost of driving vs ferry travel, and which method would work out quickest.
It might be worth looking into the channel tunnel too.

I don't know of any specific deals or discounts, you're limited really by who runs the ferries onthe route you would like to go.

I regularly used to go Birkenhead-Belfast and Larne-Cairnryan, and personally I'd rather have a shorter ferry journey and drive further (larne-Cairnryan), rather than take the overnight ferry (Belfast-Birkenhead).
But whichever way I went it was always bloody expensive!
Harwich to the Hook is a non starter from Lancashire/Cheshire based on cost and travelling time, it is either Hull Rotterdam or one of the short crossings. We do both on a fairly regular basis from Lancashire. Journey to Hull 2 hrs then overnight on boat to Rotterdam fora good nights sleep ready for a good start straight on to the motorway at Europort.

It is as far to Harwich as it is to Dover from Lancashire and the Harwich journey is a pig. Dover Dunkirk is straight onto the motorway north. The downside is finding somewhere to sleep. We go in a campervan and so it is not a problem for us.

Martin, if you are strapped for cash or being cautious opening your wallet again then.....

Cheapest ferry route is the Cowes/East Cowes ferry.....:whistle::whistle::whistle:
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Most expensive ferry crossing (price per mile) is supposed to be the Isle of Wight?
Cheapest I have found is £286 return from Harwich to Hook Of Holland, plus £19 for (compulsory) cabin.
Thank you for the replies. So far.... Confusedalut:
(06-10-2012, 01:11 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  Most expensive ferry crossing (price per mile) is supposed to be the Isle of Wight?

Hi Martin,I use DFDS (formerly Norfolk Line),Dover/dunkirk,Ships & prices are competitive.It might not be practical if you live "north of Watford" but knowledge is power.Good luck in your hunt.
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We agree with Ron.
The DFDS Dover to Dunkirk route is currently the one for us since the demise of SeaFrance. However a workers cooperative backed, I believe, by the Channel Tunnel Company has now started up using the vessels previously owned/run by SeaFrance - MyFerryLink - could be worth a look.
We have used DFDS Dover/Dunkirk three times this year and have found their costs to be very competitive, the ships are very comfortable, the crews are good and the food is superb.
The trailer is I am afraid an unknown - however DFDS do seem to be slightly biased towards trucks - a lot more room for them than for cars.
Bonne Route,

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Thanks for the reply Jim, and Ron.
Checked DFDS, price is £203 return.
Trouble is that Calais to Drachten is 477km, whereas Hook to Drachten is 218km. Taking fuel cost and added travelling time into consideration, then Hook of Holland via Stenaline is probably the better option.
(06-10-2012, 01:11 PM)j90xxx Wrote:  Most expensive ferry crossing (price per mile) is supposed to be the Isle of Wight?

Nah, the one from one side of Cowes harbour to the other (Chain ferry) was about 50p, but yes the connections beteen the island and mainland are reputedly the most expensive.....
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