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Front suspension top mounts
Though pausing to think for a minute. Didn't pretty much everything used to have this set up? So all those legendary handling Peugeots from the 80s and 90s had a beam rear axle right? They weren't exactly known for wobbling at the rear.

One thing I wonder is whether the front suspension wear issues are related. I used to own a Ford Puma, and they eat front wishbone bushes. When the wishbones were worn, apart from eventually getting a clonk the sensation was that the back end of the car felt loose...
(06-12-2012, 07:34 PM)OlJeffers Wrote:  Unlike the Mk.2 Berlingo, the Mk.3 doesn't have independent rear suspension.
The rear has IIRC a beam axle(??) so the rear wheels are physically linked.
Gimme independent anytime....arms, struts whatever!!

Live rear axle for me every time - given the choice Cool
(02-11-2012, 06:05 PM)pch Wrote:  moving sideways, if on a bump when turning I believe is just a symptom of this type of rear axle end.Not mechanicval, but sure techy guys will confirm.Pete

Is this the same for a 63 plate xtr  as mine does this, quiet unnerving on a sharp bend Big Grin   ?
One of the differences between modern beam axle design and those of yesteryear is that, apart from rubber bushing everywhere which is designed to add 'squidge' (damping in all directions), the beam itself has a built in degree of compliance. In other words, it is designed to twist, giving a measure of independence to each wheel. It also gives that 'floating around' feeling if you push the car a bit.

It's cheaper and with lower maintenance than fully independent suspension. One downside is that because they are relatively thin pressed steel and poorly protected they are prone to rust if neglected (ask any Fiat Panda owner who's supposedly rust free shiny car has just failed the Mot because the rear spring cups have rusted away).

Waxoil, him damn good thing!

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2008 berling o 1.6 hdi loud clunking noise and rattling noise from front nearside replaced top bearing stopped the counting noise but still the rattling knocking noise only above 30 mph over rough roads ? A friend had an old video yes video of a strip down of suspension on a training video ,we watched it and oh dear knew instantly what was wrong someone had replaced the spring used fit spring clamps and put the old bearing back on with the rubbers all ok but didn't retain with a washer and nut but had just put the top washer and nutt on and tightened up so not thinking i did the same with the new bearing ! Hence yes it was tight and solid and no inspection of test showed this up but there's some play under load hence rattle . Easy fix
I think the old Peugeot's actually had torsion bar suspension at the Rear rather than a coil sprung trailing arm beam.
(13-11-2018, 09:04 PM)hawaiianblue Wrote:  I think the old Peugeot's actually had torsion bar suspension at the Rear rather than a coil sprung trailing arm beam.

Correct! My mk3 glides around the corners too, you get used to it after a while. The front knocks on mine too but I just turn the music up louder or just drive the Audi instead  Big Grin
I expect they've fitted the solid beam axle on the back as an attempt to stop body roll, it's basically acting like a giant anti roll bar. But like cars with heavy duty antiroll bars they can get caught out on uneven road camber.

Thing is it's not a sports car, it's a converted van, so it's never going to drive like a sports car.

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