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mk 2 what to look for.
Hi all , as you know I have a mk 3 , however I am looking at buying a mk 2 [ 2003 1.9d] multispace for my other half. Her freelander must go. too expensive to maintain. It has done 85k, £2850.00, any thoughts? what should I look out for?
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Electrics, electrics and electrics.

After that, check al warning lights come on when they should at start up (make sure nobody has covered them with black tape!!) and go out when they should.

Service history - a stamped book is O.K. but look for receipts - they confirm the story that the book tells.

Wet carpets anywhere. Locker and cubby hole covers present and functioning correctly.

Don't need to tell YOU this Pete, but noises from the suspension...........

And when you've done all this, check the electrics
Don't forget to mention the electrics. Wink

There is a 2003 one just come up for sale round the corner from me. It may be a bit of a trek for you though.
[Image: 108137.png]

Do not write below this line. Office use only.

Check the mot and milages online here ....

Check also that she will be able to use the clutch pedal as they can be very heavy especially in town use, this may or may not be a deal breaker.
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Electrics :-). Check EVERYTHING works. Some I forgot when buying mine were front and rear washers, headlight beam adjuster, rear window heater, left mirror adjuster. When test riding check whether cancelling the indicators after turning right sometimes turns on the left indicator (a common glitch, not end of world but usually three figures to fix or annoying to put up with). Suggest download a user manual (think there's a link on the forum somewhere) so you know in advance where all the controls are.

FWIW £2850 doesn't sound particularly bargainous to me, so it would want to be in good nick with a bulletproof service history for that. A quick nosey at Autotrader brought up e.g.

A year newer, Desire spec, and with fewer miles, for under £2k. Depends how far you want to travel I guess.
(12-10-2012, 09:51 AM)shedpete Wrote:  FWIW £2850 doesn't sound particularly bargainous to me

Isn't that Pete's Freelander ??
Oops Confusedillyme:
Slanty back wheels (axle problems)
Wobbly filler cap (annoying)
no that waS BERLINGO PRICE.... not sure on freelander, suggested dropping it and shes not happy...... so summing up , electrics and electrics....thats what my local garage keeps saying , shitty french electrics.....talking of which read my other post, mk 3 electrics....
2010 artic silver VTR with EXTRAS.......Confusedunny:
Sorry, my misunderstanding.

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