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1.6 hdi wont start , turns over
This morning it wouldnt start again.......Called the towing service , and had it delivered to the Peugeot dealership in town. They just called me , it was the pressure sensor in the fuel rail that was faulty.
Last bit of info in this lttle saga :

As said , fuel rail sensor was the problem. Glow plugs also showed problems , and it gets wayy below zero here in Denmark several times during the winter , so I asked them to change them out as well.

The shop manager mentioned yesterday that they can be a real problem to remove , but he didnt think it would be that bad on a 2007 vehicle.
When I went to get the car he told me that one plug had crumbled , and let bits into the chamber. The injector had to come out as well , and they have a tiny vaccum cleaner for jobs like these..... Or they just turn the engine on the starter when the injector + plug is removed , I wouldnt wonder..!!

DK prices wont mean much to most of you , but I paid somewhere around 380 £ for 4 new glow plugs and a rail sensor + labor......
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Cheers for the info - worth remembering.
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I appreciate this is an old thread but I thought someone could benefit from my starting "experience" or "issue" on my 2008 Berlingo 1.6hdi.

Basically the van would run faultlessly when warm but was an absolute pig to start, ie it would only start on easy start or brake cleaner from cold. When scanned it would give the P1113 code - low fuel pressure.

The symptom was the van would start 1st time, run for about 3 seconds, stall & wouldn't restart & would only restart with some easy start or brake cleaner, once warm it would start/run fine.

Having tried all of the obvious things like fuel injector cleaner, changed fuel regulator, checked for diesel leaks, air leaks etc etc, I didn't change the fuel filter as the previous owner had had the van fitted with a new fuel filter. I was only later that I discovered that the numpty who had fitted the fuel filter had reversed the fuel connections!

NB! Before rushing out & swapping the connections round, fit a new filter thus ensuring that the crud that's got trapped in the fuel filter doesn't then get sucked into your diesel pump, because you're reversing the flow of the fuel filter!

So having traced by feel the white marked fuel line (marked on top of the cam belt cover ie the thicker fuel hose of the two), needs to be connected to the LOWER union & the one going to the fuel bulb is connected to the UPPER union!

Now the van starts fine, is quieter, is quicker & much nicer to drive & it doesn't smoke as much either!

I hope this helps someone!
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