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1.6 hdi wont start , turns over
Trouble in Peugeot Paradise !
Partner 1.6 hdi 75 hp version 2007 , 126000 km´s.
Wifey returned from an errand , car wouldnt start an hour later.
Turns over , sounds normal , but wont start. There is a " bong" sound everytime the key is turned......does with both keys I have
Might as well look at it this weekend , off course it happens on late friday afternoon !

Any ideas ?

Tried to put cables on it from a second car. " bong sound " dissapeared , but returned when turning the key , with only the cars own power......atm Im looking for a solution at the bottom of a wine glass.......wont help , but I´ll feel a lot better !
Checked the battery voltage?? Sounds like it may have seen better days.
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
I will , a bit later today.......The Missus uses this car for more than 200 km´s of transport every work day , so Ive gotta get this fixed.

No weird things happening lately , wipers and instruments have worked ok. Ive read about re-setting the BSI , what does the mention of " turning on the side light " mean ? Indicators , or headlight ?

My wife mentioned that the car have stumbled twice for a split second in the last week , both times shortly after starting the car......Fuel filter ?
(13-10-2012, 05:53 AM)viking20 Wrote:  My wife mentioned that the car have stumbled twice for a split second in the last week , both times shortly after starting the car......Fuel filter ?

My 1.9D does that too. I've just changed the fuel filter and last night it was fine BUT it wasn't as demanding a test as the normal day to day running it gets. I'll report back this evening.

Stupid computer!
Security system should not fail safe!
Security system should fail dangerous!
Woohoo ! It was the fuel filter !
Started immediately after changing it out. I was able to read about the job beforehand on this great forum , thanks everyone !
Only trouble now is that although I had everything disconnected , incl the battery untill the job was done , the engine lamp is active.......If any of you have a tip for erasing it , please say so.......I´ll read on a bit !
Ok , just returned from a test drive I did myself.
Engine light is gone again , and the engine runs a bit smoother and is able to pull better down low than before. Should have replaced the filter a long time ago. Thanks for helping me out !
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  • Rustscrat
I hope I'm wrong but I suspect that you haven't seen the last of this problem. If this problem returns consider the crank sensor, situated just behind the crank pulley. The symptoms you describe regarding stumbling sound like a similar problem I had. I had an intermittent fault where the engine stumbled a couple of times then ran fine for a few weeks before the fault returned.
What you need is an OBDII code reader that will tell you what fault codes are stored in the ECU. They can be bought for very little on Ebay at around 25 Euros and will save you a fortune in garage fees. They plug in to the vehicle just above the fuse box behind the dash. There are so many sensors on modern engines you can't really get away without one.
John , I may have to do that.
Car wouldnt start again in the late afternoon.

We were going out for a meal , and I didnt have time to look at it .'

When I bought the fuel filter yesterday , I also picked up a crank sensor , because they had one on the shelf , and it didnt cost too much.

Since it is Sunday , I might as well try to change it , doesnt look like much work.
Anyone got a link for the code reader , and how to use it ?
New crank sensor fitted , still doesnt work , sigh....
Took one more look at the fuel filter to see if something went wrong , but didnt find anything.
Not much else I can do.......No code reader , and the mrs needs the stupid car next week.
Looks like a trip to Peugeot is needed !
Charged the battery during the afternoon , while I was looking at the car on/off......I hate rain !

Took another look at the fuel filter , and I have squeezed the bleed pump so many times that my fingers nearly fell off......

It occured to me that you stop a diesel angine by shutting of the fuel. I found what I believe was a soleonoid on the pump , tapped it with a screwdriver , and pulled the connector on and off........Then it started .....hmmm.
Have been able to shut it off and start again at least 10 times......Engine light is on in the instrument , but it runs fine. Will let it stand now for an hour and then try again.

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