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Common Rail Pressure Error
Berlingo 1.6 HDi -07
Very Long Story so I'll try make it short hehe

Car suddenly stopped and the engine lamp for EGR pop up. Couldn't restart
Changes Fuel Filter, Drove 20km same thing waited 5h started went 500m same thing.
Went to Dealer they check it saying "Common Rail Pressure to Low" in the loglist. (they just reseted it)

Let it be over night towed and try to start engine lamp still on but could drive 20km before same thing.
Went to Dealer they check it saying "Common Rail Pressure to Low" in the loglist. (they just reseted it)
Same story 20km then dead.

The Dealer have don't have a clue about what the problem can be.

Looked in engine bay checked cables and suddenly the lamp went black.
Drove 1500km no problem till today. I was just about to drive home got 10m then dead.

Same procedure with checking cables no luck.
Was able to start it with ease while towing. But unable with startmotor.
Drove 30km stopped an restarted it 4times the 5th it was unable to start.
Pushed it down a slope to get moment then it started so I tested to restart cars 10times no problem BUT egine lamp is still ON.

Any Idéas???? Huh
As an note I was driving around in town and stop to get some food for about 20m after I came back and started the lamp went black....
My mind gets very twisted about this little french thing.
Your dealer is very lazy. Diagnostic's methods for DV6 engine is accessable for dealers (document number B1HA93P0). You have two problems:
1. EGR.
2. Engine cannot start.

You'll repair your car by yourself or you go to dealer?
Thx for reply.
I'll try and solve it my self but I ain't got any "fancy" tools to check live values of sensor etc.
They local dealers just seem to want my wallet...

The Dealer mentioned that there was an old alarm indicating that the EGR was bad, but the car have run 15.000km since.
(I only had it the last 10.000) it only run 65.000km

Could the EGR cause the sort of problem aswell...??

When this happend, the car goes dead while moving, and are unable to restart. But if I wait alot of hours I could in some cases start it.

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