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air con unit
does anyone have an air con unit available for a 53 plate 2.0 hdi? the squealing is doing my head in lmao


"does anyone have an air con unit available"

What do you mean?
The compressor pump or condenser. ?.

If the drive belt is slack/loose then squeals expected

If its the compresser pump bearings then you would get a squealing noise but it could also be alternator, tensioner or steering pump bearings.

If its not working then its not working either to compressor pump failure, gas leak or pressure sensor. Usually a noise like a gurgling noise from behind the dash where the evapoator sits indicates low gas pressure. Condensor damage due to a stone etc. causes a leak.
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yeah sorry the compressor pump is what im after, my mate had it up on the ramp at his work last night. i originally thought it was the middle idler on the fan belt but after closer inspection it turned out to be the air con.
the funny thing is..... i didnt even know the van had air con till last night lmaooo there is no button or any indication at all of it being present while your sat in the cab!

thanks for the info mate, much appreciated

New compressor pumps for a 2.0 d berlingo are between £200-£300, you've got to wonder if its worth it given our climate!

As your system uses a magnetic clutch (I think) so there should be a switch to switch on and off. The systems without magnetic clutches run all the time and are controlled by using Auto heating/cooling ie Audi/vw s

When you run it without gas the compressor does'nt like it .lack of lubrication. Which may mean leak= no gas =knackered compressor

A scrappy one would be cheaper as long as the system is still intact,but you take a chance with them
my local scrappy has one for £50 out of a pug 407 with the same hdi.. what are my options? can i bypass it or do i need to have it? my mate looked on the autodata system at his work and the idler/tensioner positioning seems to be different Sad so i think using a shorter (non aircon) belt is out the question... i didnt even know i had air con till it broke so its not as tho im going to miss it

cheers again mate
These are diagrams for the belt and tensioners , From Rustscrat , You should be able to fit a non air con belt to it and do without air con, you may have to change some tensioner or lose them.
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Hmm.. I'm not really sure what I'm looking at haha.
but it will certainly help my mate do the work Smile

thank you very much for the info mate, its going to save me a bit of cash Smile


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