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1.9 DW8 suddenly sounding like a vintage Tractor!
I've a 54 plate Van which suddenly went from running totally normally to sounding like a tractor - severely excessive diesel knock - as well as being difficult to start. Fortunately, having invested in a code reader, it gave a DTC of P1106 with the text of 'Advance Regulation Electrovalve short circuit or open circuit.'

The Haynes manual refers to the above as an Advance solenoid with the caveat of leave it to a dealer......The hardest part was locating in on the fuel pump. It's accessible from the front, low down and attaches a fuel pipe. There is a flat cable running from it to a connector block which is difficult to see unless the air intake trunking is removed, not great even then!

The solenoid easily unscrews from the main pump, I used an adjustable spanner. A continuity test showed no circuit, agreeing with the code reader.

Now for the worrying bit. Phoned a Citroen dealer who wanted in the region of £340 for it. After recovering from the shock, I cleaned up the old one and revealed a Delphi part number of 152B. Googling this not only confirmed I had the right part but several hits for suppliers. The prices ranging from £64 Inc VAT to £135 + VAT. Guess which one I bought? From UK diesel parts.

Arrived today and quickly installed. Would the van start, like he'll it would! No further faults logged, done a BSI reset to no avail. Thought, basics, no fuel getting through, and after about 10 pushes of the primer get showered in diesel. Fuel pipe reconnected, a couple more priming shoves and it starts sounding normal again.

Hopefully my ramblings may assist anyone with similar problems as the manual was useless. Infact the only decent pointer I got was on the French Car Forum.

Regards Tubby
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Well done Tubby! This is the sort of money saving info we like here.

Here's a link to the supplier:
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool

See the attached image that I should have posted earlier
Thanks Tubby - that's what these forums are for
Thanks for the info Tubby though I hope I'll never need it ! Fingers crossed.

I also hit the thank you button, don't often do that.
Fair play Tubby , nice one :thumbsup:
I can appreciate different firms have different overheads etc and everyone has to make a living but surely charging in excess of 5 times the price of a competitor for the same product is taking advantage of Joe public , there are plenty of people out there who only ever use main dealer facilities and wouldn't consider doing what Tubby did in this instance to get a better deal .
I suppose as not everyone has the ability to do the work themselves or the time or inclination then main dealers can charge what they like for convienience sake . Support your local independant , if you can , if you know of one Confusedillyme: and then maybe if maindealers lost some trade they may appreciate us the paying customer and bring their prices down . I'll come down from me high horse now , rant over for now !
Thanks for info Tubby Confusedtudy:
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Cheers for your kind words, it's a pleasure.

A interesting footnote concerns fault code readers. Initially I scanned with an EOBD ( ie non French specific) with no codes revealed. My understanding was this should have shown a DTC as diesels were included in the EOBD protocol from 2004 & petrol from 2001.

I know, need to get out more!!!!!!
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