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berlingo 2.0 hdi starting problem after engine replacement
i have an 05 berlingo van i had to replace the engine in, my van is the 2.0 hdi with the engine code rhy with siemens set up, i replaced the engine with an engine with the code rhs as i was told by a few people the bare engine is the same, however i have a starting issue i think may be to do with the timing, the van will only start when its cold and only after a good few attempts at cranking, when it is running it seems to be running really well and idling perfect the engine was advertised as remanufactured and was done by a local diesel mechanic.

when i switch the engine off no amount of cranking seems to start it again, my old engine had a fixed cam pulley and this is an adjustable type, do you think there is a chance the timing is out a little due to the adjustable cam? i have timed it up the way its supposed to be and ive checked, checked and double checked im at my witts end now ive had very bad luck with this wee van only had it 2 weeks when the timing slipped, end result new engine, turbo(thought turbo was wrecked as smokey turned out to be injectors) new injectors, new hp diesel pump as i thought that might have been whats causing the starting issue...

someone please help!!!!!
Be worth asking on here:-

A lot of knowledge is available
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cheers fella just posted there too
Rolleyes I sympathize with you , I see theres been two or three posts with the same problem but NO feedback , pity it might have helped you.

The timing should be OK as it runs well when it runs from cold. What about the crankshaft sensor (or other sensors) that breaks down when hot ? One of the other posts was about trouble after changing the crankshaft pulley, sensor sits near it.

There might be issues with the parts from a RHY not compatible with a RHS

Could it be a fuel issue?

I dont know but I'm suggesting these things to encourage some else who might know to post an opinion,
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ive replaced both cam and crank sensors, im counting on it being an issue with the pulley im going to try and get my old pulley back tomorrow, if thats not the problem i really have hit a brick wall ive been chasing my tail for around 2 months with this van, new engine, new turbo, new injectors, new injector pump, new fuel pressure sensor and just yesterday i had to replace the starter as the old one gave up with all the turning over and over and over
Have a read of this,

2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
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that doesnt really help mate
Just a thought or two Confusedcratch:

following the post from rustcrats :-

The RHY code is 90bhp so what your trying to do is fit 110bhp parts to it , I dont think it will run properly as the camshaft will be different. It may have slight differences in the position of the cam lobes to use the extra power. Maybe that the timing holes are in a slightly different position. If you could compare them ? Could it be a different camshaft pulley?
The fuel pump delivering too much fuel ?

I suppose you could change the camshaft for the old one if different and if its still in one piece. This would entail a lot of work as the tappets adjustment is different, one shim adjustment and the other hydraulic.
What about phoning a citron dealer and ask for prices for a camshaft for a RHY and a RHS and compare part no. ? The object being to see if different part nos.

If it starts cold but not hot I wonder if the temp. sensors have any effect , ie telling the ECU to slightly change injector timing when warm which may then put it out of starting range. Try with the temp sensor disconnected.?
hi thanks for the reply, been chasing my tail now for a few months, i traded in the old damaged engine in for the new one when i got it however i went back this morning and retrieved my old cam pulley its different as in fixed not adjustable, unfortunately though the little key was sheared off it so its no good to me i found one on ebay though and it should be here tomorrow or wednesday im praying that the different pulley was the problem as the rhs engine would have originally had the other type cam sensor(i think) i also think the only difference in the 2 engines is the cam pulley and crank, i had to use my original crank as the engine came without one but used the adjustable pulley that came with it therefor the 2 pulleys would be of different types, i am hoping if i get the rhy pulley and fit it all will be well, fingers crossed

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