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Suitable Adhesive/Glue
Had the misfortune of some stupid tw*t knocking into the door mirror with a Fiat Punto and cracking/punching a hole in the mirror housing. At this stage it doesn't look like the little Punt who owns the Punto wants to pay up but I now know where he parks at night!!!!.

The mirror housing is cracked but is probably repairable and I need a suitable adhesive, has anyone any reccomendations of a suitable adhesive, I had thought of solvent weld cement or similar....
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
Many moons ago me bmw's wing mirror provided a challenging jigsaw which I restored to its former glory with a free sample of " supa glue " which I'd been hoarding for years ! A few quid for a touch up pen and Robert's your mothers brother :thumbsup:
Lasted years with no problems . I believe the powers that be , found out at head orifice and built the 1 series using gallons of the stuff :whistle:
Solvent weld probably the best - not much to choose between them really. I like Araldite, though the repair may be more visible than a solvent type repair, and any excess is a bit tougher to rub down if you plan on rubbing down and painting.
'56 Multispace 1.6HDi - Iron Grey
How much would a housing from the scrappy cost instead-worth considering
Haven't trawled the scrappies yet, trouble is it has a coloured panel in the housing which will remove I am told but getting the matching housing may prove difficult.

Main dealer wants £120.00 plus another £45.00 for the pleasure of removing a bit of trim, removing 3 screws and a coloured panel and refitment of same and can go and b*****ocks.... Seen em on e-bay for £30.00 ish..
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
If you can get at the back of the plastic, try some Q-Bond. This is a fancy super glue and comes with black and grey powder. You apply the glue to the cracked bits to stick em. You then sprinkle the powder along the back of the crack (the side you can't see) and drip a few drops on the powder which bonds everything up. The powders match black or grey trim but if its on the back side, it doesn't matter.
I've used it on cracked two stroke strimmer filter/ engine covers, hedgetrimmers with excellent results.
It's about a tenner in the motor factors / discount shops. Clean the area with a solvent first. Have a squiz on the web at "Q-Bond" to see it's virtues. It's done ok for me up to now.
Hi, I posted details on forum previously about replacement mirrors. or hope this helps.
Former 2011 Mk3 XTR owner Confusedalut:
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I fold my mirrors in when parking on the road. Always. For that reason.
Perhaps some of the 'boys' need to have a word with the alleged offender?
Point out the error of his ways....
(Don't the latest Berlingo mirrors fold on their own?)
This happened while I was mobile, the t*at drove off without stopping and I managed to watch where he went to. I did an about and found him, we had a set to and I wanted to knock his stupid head off but the wife stopped me short of doing so, he agreed to pay. Know where he parks his car, know the vehicle reg, got his mobile number but he won't answer. We are at stage one, watch this space....probs too late to get the old bill involved but strange things happen on All Hallows Eve... A specialised tool with a 14lb block of metal attached to a 3ft fibreglass shaft is lurking in the garage waiting to be unleashed.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
I didn't once have a similar situation myself. So needless to say I didn't apply the adjustment tool (fine) to the windscreen pillar rendering said vehicle a write-off.
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