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Blingo is dead
well after all my bragging about 266000 miles of motoring we have a problem the van wont start it had a couple of weird problems it went into limp mode twice this week then would not start but on second attempt went then last night went out in it fine went to go to work and it wont go at all, engine cranks fine but it wont fire, it will go on easy start but when you finish spraying it just stops again. i am thinking electrical fault of some sort but we have little info on it, I have searched the forums and found people with the same fault but no real answers any one got any ideas (1.6 hdi 57 plate)
Maybe the Blingo has become an easystart addict coxy! Could be a vast array of problems at that mileage though. Bad times, feel for ya....
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Ah. Easy Start is the work of the devil! It is a very 'explosive' material, which is great for catching fire and can make starting easy (hence its name!) but it is so thin that it has the effect of washing the bores of the engine, and in a diesel engine, which relies on really tight tolerances for the self-igniting combustion, this is bad news as by removing the lovely carbon etc on the bores you can make the cylinders less gas-tight. (Does this make sense?) Once you begin using Easy Start you tend to find that you will always need to use it. I'd guess that given the high mileage of your engine that, unless it has been rebored or something, it has just had its tolerances increased. Sad -

This info was given to me some years ago when I was chatting with some mechanics about why our old tractors were so hard to start / run, and we were doing the same as you are now.

Sorry, but I think this is not good news for your engine... Sad

Also, I think that you may have more than one problem. Your initial problem may have become superceded by the Easy Start one.

Just noticed, your vehicle has done 266k miles in 3 years? Crikey!
Thanks for the replies guys easy start was just to see if we could get it to go we never use it normally its a great starter normally I think it may be a sensor or ecu type fault or even imobiliser, trouble with modern diesels is to much electronics that are very difficult to diagnose gonna have to bite the bullet and pay someone to diadnose it for me I hate paying garages to do work once i know what the problem is i can fix it but dont know where to start without test equipment

Good luck mate Smile
Dont despair !...go for the obvious issues first, Fuel starvation could be fuel filter needs changing or the notorious in tank fuel pump, maybe high pressure fuel pump or associated pressure regulator, how about air leak in fuel lines?...

if your stuck for ideas, get it on a diagnostic, could be just a crank or cam sensor!.....cant be terminal, as when it runs, it runs fine !!

Bet it's something simple Wink
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In general... if you want easy start - buy pertrol engine Smile
If you want to know why engine do not starts send us errors from ECU.
There's no any other solutions.
thanks all we are thinking crank sensor just got to plug it in and find out whats what I will let you know how we go
Does anyone know wich manual covers the 1.6 hdi engine 07
And what about Haynes?

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