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Berlingo Diesel engines.
I am new to this site. I only discovered the site this evening (10th March) I am impressed all ready. It looks like a good site.

My question is : I am the owner of a C15 diesel van. I am very impressed with the engine in my van, but am forced to sell it as I need something more practical to take my young daughter out on longer journeys.

Am I right in thinking that the engine is the same in my van as in the Berlingo up until 2005 model when it changes to a 1.6.

Could any one give me any information on this subject please.

Hi. Welcome to forum.
We don't know what engine installed in your C15, but you can find here information about Berlingo's engines:
Hi and welcome

Hope you don't mind but this thread is better off in the "Introductions" area rather than "Parts for Sale" Smile

2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Hi and welcome fw, sure someone will have the answer if you tell us engine in yours.
Hi Chris,
Thanks for your reply. I am sure you are right about my thread being in the wrong place. But I am not very good with computers, and find it a bit difficult navigating around web sites esspecialy new ones like this one.

How do I get my thread onto the introductions site?

Come on guys the citroen C15 van was the forunner (is there a spell checker on this site?) to the Berlingo van then the Berlingo mpv was derived from the Berlingo van.

The C15 has the bullet proof 19.d engine.

Don't worry, it has been moved for you and is in the right place now. Just shout out if you get lost and someone will help.
2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Things have moved on a little since the C15, if you want a diesel then subject to your budget, go for the 2.0 Ltr HDi or the later (but not necessarily better) 1.6 HDi .
Some may say the 1.9D is inherently more reliable but it is rather sluggish compared to the Common rail diesels

ps. i have never had a problem with any of the 2.0 Ltr Hdi engines.
MPV (My own Personal Vehicle)....2.0 HDi Multispace MPV Mk2 .

I Like Cars,Women,Drink & Motorbikes but not necessarily in that order!
Hi mate! To answer your question. The 1.9 non turbo diesel(70bhp)that is in your C15 was used in the Berlingo up to about '05. If you want a faster diesel then go for the 2.0litre hdi(90bhp)you will find this engine in Berlingo made from '02 to '05. After that you have the 1.6hdi diesel available in 75bhp & 90bhp outputs.
Hi every one,
Thanks for the replies regarding the 1.9 diesel engine in my C15 van.
The reason I am wondering if the engines are the same in the C15 and Berlingo is that I have been putting waste vegetable oil mixed with diesel in my van to try and save some fuel money.
This has seemed to work O.K. up until now. And I would stick with my van for a few more years if I had my way as it is tried and tested. Unfortunatly the mother of my daughter won't let me travel any distance with her in the Van (Don't Ask)
So I thought I would buy a car(Berlingo) with the same tried and tested engine.

I understand what you are saying about about more power, but I am not bothered about going any faster. The C15 is fast enough for me.
I would also want to keep away from Turbo, common rail,Hdi, Computerisation,
as this might not except the waste oil.

So to reitarate as Opensauce has said. Is the engine the same in my C15 as the Berlingo up until 2005? I am trying to get down to the nitty gritty. Is it nearly the same? Realy the same? or the same apart from dfferent injectors, fuel pump etc.
Many thanks,
Hi ferrous wheel, I am a recent berlingo owner and by the sounds of your messages, we have a similar "scottish" approach to motoring. I had previously owned pug306s (with the 1.9 XUD engine) and went for the 1.9D multispace as a non-turbo, non-fancy replacement that I could carry on doing the basics with. But I have to say it is taking some getting used to as it seems way down on power, plus I pull a trailer about a bit and it doesn't like that extra demand (especially going up hills!). But as I'm getting older (every day!) maybe I'll start wearing a trilby and sitting lower in the seat and blend in with the other silver speed freaks.
All the best Dave
2005 Multispace 1.9D poseidon blue

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