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Aerial Issue
Hi People,
first post so be gentle with me.My wifes Berlingo radio has not worked for about 6 yrs.The cd does so I just thought never mind we still have music in the car.2 yrs ago got halfords to fit new stereo,but alass the radio still did not work.Put the old one back in again and got my money back.Last year found the carpet wet and seemed to be dripping from the parcel shelf above head.Took it off and seemed to be leaking in from around the aerial and running down the aerial cable,so I got a new roof mounted aerial and fitted that,but the cable was too short so left the old one on.Radio still di not work!! Some corrosion evident on back of stereo so thought it must be knackered.Anyway finally bought her a new Kenwood cd radio player and fitted that,but alass still no radio ,so I am now thinking it must be the cable has had water ingress and that is what is stopping the radio working.It must be .New stereo/new roof aerial ,so I need to use the extended cable I have bought.
So my question ,has anyone else had the water in aerial and solved it by replacing and is replacing it just a case of attaching the new to the old and pulling it through.It is quite a long cable by the look of it and Im wondering how easy /difficult this will be.Any advice appreciated.Thankyou.
Water in the aerial housing is a common cause of leaks.
Water plus rusty corrosion in the co-axial cable from the
aerial to the radio would prevent the radio from working
although it won't normally damage the radio. If however the
water flows down the inside of the cable and into the radio(capilliary action)
it could cause a problem
The Older I get the Better I Was!  Cool
I solved it by changing the aerial and then filling with a sealant. Captain tolleys creaping crack sealant, can't even tell where it is.
2010 (B9) Berlingo Multispace XTR HDi 112 - Kyanos Blue
Previously - 2002 (M49) Berlingo Multispace 2.0 HDi Diesel - Arctic Steel
Try this link for your aerial problem.
Thanks for the replies guys.
I am going to bite the bullet and try renewing the aerial cable this afternoon.
I will let you know how difficult pulling the new one through is later.
If that goes well I may renew the door speakers as well.
OK ,as promised,an update.
Nightmare of a job.
Took shelf above windscreen off.Undid old aerial and pulled stereo out.Pulled both ends of aerial cable,to check if it moved freely.Not a chance.!!
Scratched head.And again.!!
Tried to pull glovebox out to gain access behind.Took blue cover off passenger side of dash.This did not want to come off and most of the lugs on it snapped.When it did come off it served no purpose as it did not give access behind.Pulled windscreen pillar cover off and found aerial cable behind it.Still could not move cable from both ends to pull it through.Pulled material from underneath the glovebox to see if I could get access from under there.3 push in connectors.
Decided i could not route new cable in same way as old,so eventually I decided to run cable along top of windscreen under headlining ,which came away quite easy and went back just as easy,down windscreen pillar.The aerial was in two pieces as it had a joint/extension connector.So one end finished on the windscreen pillar.I then put the extension cable down through the side of the glovebox and dragged it through to the stereo opening.Cut the old one off in several places to get rid of it,as it could not be pulled through from either end.Joined the aerial to the extension and then connected the aerial to the roof mounted receiver stork.
Connected the aerial to the new stereo and connected all the wires to the new loom connectors to the aftrmarket stereo which i was putting in.
Now I have a working radio for the wife to enjoy.
It was the faulty cable afterall.7 yrs it had been like that!!
Bought kit to allow remote control of stereo to work but cant figure out how to get that working yet ,but hey the radio works!!
Whilst on a roll decided to replace the speakers with the Kenwood items I had bought,chopped the old connectors off and put some new ones on and hey presto the Kenwoods were wired up.Hope I got it right,white wire ,big connector and cream wire has the small connector.I have sound from them anyway so I think its correct.
Put all trim back on and it seems all goood.
Apols for harping on but ,hopefully it mat help someone else if they have the same issue.
The old aerial cable definately had signs of corrosion on the stereo end of it and this must have stopped the reception.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for letting us know how you got on.

As you say, it might help others and that is the beauty of the forum.

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