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first service
Just had my first service and all was well apart from some strut thingy on front offside has got to be replaced [ making noises whilst driving over rough ground] Hand brake plastic black cover needs replacing as clips broken and battery [ red plastic] cover has broken . All under warranty but only 12 months old [within few days] plastic components worry me a bit long term??? Any one else had these problems?
Am I being cynical here or are the plastic bits on Citroens made with recycled drinks bottles and redundant Airfix kits????

Seems to be a bit of a bone of contention generally and I just wonder how stable are the plastics that have been utilised. Will they eventually break down and fail due to the effects of ultraviolet light, I wonder???

Who did your service, Pete??? was it your man in Llangefni???
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
yes it was coffee, free service , free seat, for 1.5 hrs, ha ha but have to go back next week for replacement parts to be fitted.
So Citroen plastic is crap? is that the gist of it? will the plastic wings fall apart after a few years?
(11-03-2011, 11:42 AM)pch Wrote:  So Citroen plastic is crap? is that the gist of it? will the plastic wings fall apart after a few years?

Don't thing they are quite that bad, or are they???

Just get the feeling from reading around on other forums, that generally the bits of placcy trim etc are sometimes a bit naff.

Time will tell

Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
yes true, well as posted on camping thread I ordered base unit for my center console and that was damaged when we opened it in garage this thinks more and more plastic is crap, but then having sold plastic extrusion for many years to the likes of window and conservatory companies I KNOW plastic is bloody crap. It was the big thing many years ago fit plastic windows and never replace them again, so they said. but in reality even today your lucky if you get 10 years out of them.
as you say time will tell.
When I got my XTR new I noticed the plastic cover across the underneath of the back axle was cracked at 1 end, this was replaced. Only other plastic problem was the spongy pads underneath where back edges of bonnet comes down. These had small splits in then & have just been replaced at 2yr service. Apart from that no probs.

Sorry to hear your box was busted, pch. Probably rough handling on delivery, just chucked in a crate. I had similar thing. The paint on black runner behind sliding door was peeling so I told them to replace it. New part duly arrived at dealers, I pointed out to them it was scratched & told them to get me another(which they did). Obviously it had been chucked in crate with loads of other parts for overnight delivery.
well went back for all the broken plastic bits to be replaced, center console base fitted, and front offside suspension bits all changed to try to eliviate knocking coming from that side......
They say it hasnt on their test run, up to me know whether to complain again or not, Will leave it a few days. They said even though car is not yet 12 mnths old if its shock absorber they are only warrantied for 6 months from new because of wear and tear. Said I would take it up with Citroen HQ if thats the case. Does anyone else know of this little get out on warranty?
Pleased with center console even though in the end cost over £160.00
I have just had a quick look and the Citroen new car warranty says (under what is NOT covered)

"The replacement of parts subject to normal wear linked with the use of the vehicle, its mileage
or its geographic and climatic environment, if this replacement is not due to a fault. This concerns
the following parts in particular: brake pads, shoes and discs, tyres, clutch, battery, belts, dampers,
wiper blades, plugs, bulbs, batteries and fuses, etc"

I would argue that given the low mileage and age that these parts had failed prematurely and were not fit for purpose (under the Sale of Goods Act 1979).

You could be in for a drawn out argument with this, but I would be making a fuss about it and go to Citroen UK if the dealer wont help.

2005 Berlingo Multispace 1.6i Desire (Iron Grey)

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

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cheers Chris.will see if it continues to knock and complain accordingly. If I can not hear it even though they say its not cured I may just live with it. Sadly the more it goes in to a dealer the more I fear something else being adjusted / missused in order to create more buisiness. Its sad that I should have that attitude, but many years of dealing with garages just makes on e very suspicious of their behavior.
Guess I am not the only one who misstrusts garages. Robbing bast--ds they are. I know my little local garage is fairly fair on their approach / attitude to customers and I reccomend them to any one, but sadly they are not a citroed dealer. was gonna correct to citroen , but felt my first attempt was probably more appropriate. Ha Ha .....

You based in / near NW Wales?

We'll heading off camping in our 'lingo in May and July/August on the Llyn, will be passing by so to speak!

We 'discovered' Wales last year Rolleyes (typical English person, sorry Big Grin) and fell in love with it, esp the Llyn. We found an amazing old fashioned (and old priced - £7 a night!!) campsite near Neyfn and we intend to keep going back (for at least as long as the owner is around anyway).

Will try to remember to keep an eye out for your distinctive rig!



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