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HDI 1.6 110 Engine - High Mileage?
This unit is used in a lot of cars including, I believe, the Ford. So some of you may well have clocked up high mileages.

Your verdict, gentlemen is awaited . . . .
According to Wiki used in MiniCooper D and Volvo S80 as well. They've recently started developing with BMW. I've only got 18K km on mine Wink
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Mine says 137k but the speedo hasn't worked properly for 2 years ish so could have upwards of 150k on.
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
hey Steve-is your high mileage vehicle the 1.6? and have you had any problems that I might escape from . . . . !
Oops, must learn to pay attention, mine is the 2.0 Confusedillyme:
Somedays you're the pigeon, Somedays you're the statue.
My mini cooper d has done 94k miles and runs like new, there are differences in the engines though. The mini version has a cam chain rather than belt. It sounds different too
(17-11-2012, 07:09 AM)peterws Wrote:  This unit is used in a lot of cars including, I believe, the Ford. So some of you may well have clocked up high mileages.

Your verdict, gentlemen is awaited . . . .

I`m amazed there`s been so little response to this . .. Some of you must have done at least 70k . . . come on guys, lets hear from ya . . .
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Both time & mileage cause failures. An engine that will run for 150k miles in 3 yrs without major component failure might have problems after 80k miles if has taken 8yrs to do that mileage.
in a Pug 307. 112k. This is an early version of the engine. Later ones have lots of modifications and changes. Most significantly is larger oil feed to the Turbo with no mesh/gauze on the feed.?? Not as much power as before but I'm sure it's the DPF that is slowly filling up and will no doubt let us know soon with the dreaded clean DPF fault !!!

Engine runs as smooth as ever but it has been regularly serviced sometime at but mostly just below service intervals. Seviced by Main dealer until about 60k ish then diesel specialist. Then by me since 90k. All the time the correct oil has been used and that's the clue. Regular and constant servicing of these engines using the oil change procedure laid down by Pugeot and the same for the other users of the engine. :-)

In reverse:

108K New timing belt, tensioner, water pump (becuse the timing tensioner was on it's way out. We left it a year as the Pug garage said but it was ok but to check regularly. It was definately getting worse and worse so got it done) Otherwise would not have done the timing belt yet for at least another year or so.

98K - additive top up - not a fault as such but expensive ! Not all engines have a DPF.

90K oil leak. Noisey cam belt tensioner. Two garages failed to oil leak. Had cost us a lot of time and money:-( Pug dealer offered to look for free and found it straight away. Charged £30.00 Also had problem with slight air leak causing engine to hunt. Again this was sorted at the same time as the oil leak and the same cost. I think this is due to the air filter set up and is problably different for different cars it's fitted in. The oil leak has re-appeared but not as bad as before.

c65k Engine smell in Pax compartment. Thought to be injector seal?? Didn't really make a difference but apparently a commonish fault on these. (earlier ones?? ) smell did disappear after a while.

Unblemised before
Mine has 65k on it and all is fine...

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