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Another camper van conversion :)
Hi everybody,

Here's some pictures of a camper van conversion I did awhile back and been meaning to write a post about mainly with the hope to possibly give people some ideas of what can be done for turning a berlingo into a camper-van.

I guess what we wanted from the conversion was
  • a box that contained the all conversion that fitted into the boot and could easily be removed when not using the car on camping trip
  • to still have acess to back seats when not camping
  • seperate leasuire battery
  • stove for cooking (that can be used inside and outside car)
  • storeage

what we got was
  • all of the above
  • a cooker unit that coulde be de-attached from the car and used as a sort of bbq unit
  • a safe
  • the parts of the bed could be used to make a stand alone table or a l-table out of the conversion (better explained in the pictures)

First here's a picture of the camping unit that fits into the car boot its a self contained unit with handle holds on the side

[Image: 20o84h.jpg]

here's a quick picture to show the use of wheels on the front of the unit that line up with the grooves in the boot floor mat to make loading and unloading the camper unit easier

[Image: 14mgl1s.jpg]

and here's the camper unit in the berlingo

[Image: f5aded.jpg]

here's quite a busy picture but shows the camper unit open (more pics on that later) but the picture shows the both access panels on the side benches open to revile the twin hob cooker and grill on the left and on the right there box storage/water storage underneath with the safe and water tub on-top.

[Image: 33ystwl.jpg]

The cooker can be pulled out to canter-lever the back of the berlingo giving access to cooking outside, now its hard to explain but part of the bed can be inserted into a slot below the washing up bowl to give a long table useful for preparing food on

[Image: 18y7hi.jpg]

here's a picture of the pleasure battery it sits behind the cooker unit on the left, its hooked up to the car battery via a relay switch and welding cable running through the car to allow charging whilst driving. The picture also shows more clearly the box storage.

[Image: jq6arp.jpg]

I guess the party trick of this conversion is that the cooker unit can be removed from the camper box and the part of the bed that made up the table on the above picture can be combined with two other pieces which make tables legs but also are used as back rests/part of the bed to form a low table. Which is nice to cooked on away from the berlingo

[Image: 10dv12h.jpg]

Finally onto sleeping arrangements, the camping unit opens up onto the folded back seats and a piece is added supported by a screw in walking stick to produce a bed that's just shy of 175cm long.
(the chinese symbols pattern in the wood mean "luck" and was just a personal touch)

[Image: 245a3c8.jpg]

It takes about 10 minuites to set up into "bed mode" but most of that time is taken with putting curtain up on all 11! windows in the berlingo.

I will add some pictures of the curtains we made up soon there attacked to by sucktion cups and 3 layers thick (curtain, bubble wrap and reflection screen) to add some insulation.

Hope you all like it and gives some ideas of what can be done, we have used the camping box a number of times now and worked brilliantly.

Any questions please ask I will try and answer them and hope article not too long and kinda makes sense Smile

Kind regards,
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now that is a cracking job,very well done!
That is REALLY impressive. Beautiful workmanship and it looks brilliantly thought out. Just out of curiosity, what do the two characters mean that are cut into the top? Japanese equivalent of "Home Sweet Home"??
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Awe struck! Your craftsmanship does you credit. Can't wait to see the pic's when it's fully dressed out.
lovely work - thanks for showing it to the forum
Outstanding, brilliant. I have seen several 'attempts' at this before but they never looked as good as this. still can't work out how cooker cantilevers out, you should trace panels and sell a set of plans or even the finished article. this could be adapted for loads of vehicles,but with this kind of ingenuity it would have be made by a Lingo Lover! A+ for woodwork!
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Looks great!
Very good, best conversion yet I think.

One question though, what sort of a device needs a "pleasure battery" that big ?


One question though, what sort of a device needs a "pleasure battery" that big

Oi,leave him alone,He's a newbie.Cool
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Excellent work. You should sell them as a unit!

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