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Strange Creaking Noise From Back End
Yes, i do mean the car not mine before anyone asks.
The problem is a rather loud (it can be heard inside the car when traveling) noise that sounds like a creaking/groaning noise from the rear that seems to be suspension related, it also makes the noise when you get in and out of the car and sometimes just when you shut the doors or boot, i have searched extensively on here but cant seem to find anyone with a similar problem, i have read about the rear axle problems and also the rear brake compensator thingy (technical term, its in the Citroen handbook!) but im not convinced that it is either of those, the car has done approx 70000 miles and has had a relatively easy life, and i cant seem to recall any particular incident that could of triggered the problem.
If anyone has any ideas or suggestions they would be very much appreciated, as ive been pulling out what little hair i have left trying to get to the bottom of it.

I had that noise too it appeared to be worn brake pads on the rear got them replaced and the noise is away.

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Hi, open the back doors and bounce on the back. You should be able to pin point it then.:thumbsup:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
Hi Rustscrat, i have tried that and had it up off the ground and rocked/bounced everything around but have had no joy getting to the bottom of it.
Philip, the thought of brake pads had gone through my mind, but it seems to loud and fairly constant for them, but thinking about it now, im not sure if the noise stops or at least quietens a bit whilst braking, i'll have to go and investigate now, as thinking about it, i don't seem to recall ever having them changed in eight years and seventy thousand miles, so i have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain by replacing them.
Thank you for your suggestions guys, it is appreciated, i'll return later to let you know how i get on. :thumbsup:
Spray WD40 on the damper rods & if it works,great.It May (I hope not) be the arm pivot bearings dry.Try soaking each side of the arm with the WD40(a bit at a time as what drips off is wasted).If that works,poopsville Massachusetts.
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(02-12-2012, 09:35 PM)ron Wrote:  Spray WD40 on the damper rods & if it works,great.It May (I hope not) be the arm pivot bearings dry.Try soaking each side of the arm with the WD40(a bit at a time as what drips off is wasted).If that works,poopsville Massachusetts.

I'll give that a try tomorrow, as i took the drums of today in the hope that it may have been brake related but unfortunately not, the drums and shoes looked as good as new with loads of life left in them and came of really easily, i just cleaned a tiny amount of brake dust out of them and re-assembled everything, what does seem strange though, is that in all the time ive had the car i cant remember having new shoes (or drums) fitted but everything looked like new with copperslip everywhere and all bolts undoing easily and the drums just slid off as though there was no brake shoes fitted! I checked everything over after re-assembling and the handbrake works perfectly and the footbrakes the same as before, but there again so is the noise!
Im beginning to wonder whether my missus may have secretly changed the drums and shoes whilst i wasn't looking!

It does seem to be suspension related as its making the noise as i compress the suspension and also when i release it again. Oh well out with the good old WD40 then.:thumbsup:
Quick update, i sprayed the rear suspension with WD40 and it did quieten down for a short while but now seems to be just as loud again, and it also seems to be worse at slower speeds, (unless i just don't notice it so much due to road noise at higher speeds) so i'm rather hoping that it is suspension units rather than the dreaded axle. Can anyone describe the symptons/noise that the axle or needle roller bearings make when they're on the way out please so that i can convince myself that it's not going to be an expensive problem!
Hi, mine was more of a cracking sound rather than a creaking.
Take out the spare wheel and remove the carrier. This gives you space to lie underneath whilst someone bounces the back end. you should be able to find out where the noise is coming from. A creaking noise sounds to me like a rubber bush (shock mountings) or seal etc.
fingers crossed it's not the axle! Confusedillyme:
2006 2.0hdi 600 with bench seat.  Cool
I had a similar issue with mine .it started suddenly and I couldn't find anything anywhere. Finally, while under the car with my son rocking it I found a screw that had wedged between the back axle and whatever is next to it. V annoying while it lasted.

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