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New aerial.
Well after nearly three months of having no radio, due to no aerial, I have eventually got round to fitting a new aerial :thumbsup:

Got to say, thanks to a certain post on this forum, it was a doddle of a job and I now get all stations crystal clear :woop:

Next in car entertainment job will be an Iphone compatible head unit:whistle:

[Image: IMG_13321.jpg]
More info please! What,where from, how?

Might be needing to do this myself soon.
(02-12-2012, 12:37 PM)hachiroku Wrote:  More info please! What,where from, how?

Might be needing to do this myself soon.

Genuine Citroen part (which means it fitted perfectly!) just short of £20quids, from here:

This is the 400mm long one, but they do an 800mm long one as well.
Thanks, was it a simple enough job to do?, did you replace the entire bit on top of the roof?
(02-12-2012, 12:51 PM)hachiroku Wrote:  Thanks, was it a simple enough job to do?, did you replace the entire bit on top of the roof?

Yeah, the original one had been completely smashed off, so it was a case of removing the courtesy light panel in the cab then dropping the roof shelf above that, which exposes the small nut holding the old aerial on. That unscrewed by hand really easily and the remains of the old fitting just lifted off the roof.
Then repeat in reverse. I ran a small bead of silicone uner the new fitting to ensure a water tight seal, fitted everything back and screwed the aerial into the fitting. Took about 20-30 minutes in total.
Looking forward to a new head unit now:woop:
Try a Sony btmex 3800u I have it installed in my bingo and it's perfect for the iPhone
well, looks like I WILL be needing to change my aerial soon too...

[Image: 2013-01-19143053.jpg]

crap!! Rolleyes reversed into the garage, door not fully up, heard the aerial twanging on the garage door but thought nothing of it, then I got out of the car and saw it Confusedillyme:
couldn't wait for ebay, local main dealers complete aerial inc base £12 odd, better than £20 and a wait.
Easy to fit.
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